The Beastly Universe We Are Forced To Embrace As a Country -By J. Ezike

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Series of unforgivable political gaffes and presentations of severe chronic illiteracy over the past two years within the residency of power by the Fulani Oligarchs and past Military shenanigans on about the Biafra Question has shown generous criminal promises. Here is the challenge: we found, amongst the Northern Coalition, a great equilibrium between imperious desperation and illiberal intolerance. And this line of symmetry translates to absolute – madness!

Abdulsalami Abubakar, the self-created lawful evil deity of the religion of politics, exudes that his knowledge of universal rights is “non-existent.”


J. Ezike

While he chooses to preserve his ruling apartheid constitution within the conservative Nigerian dictatorial system, Abdulsalami Abubakar reminds us of his patriarchal role in the creation of the Islamic laws of attrition enshrined in favor of the Northern Nigeria, to pursue unimpeded oppressive actions against the Southern Nigeria.

His recent public statements as published on Premium Times Nigeria refer to a key inspiration for the Caliphate’s supremacy over the Southern Nigeria that bears the sacrificial responsibility for the survival of the beastly universe we are forced to embrace as a country.

A lot of things in Abdulsalami Abubakar’s rhetoric have a tyrannical aspect however subtle it may sound to the listener. In his words: “It is my honest opinion that we are going nowhere until we have a national consensus to work for peace…” If anything, this quote with its dictatorial underpinnings resonates more strongly with the 1999 military constitution, authored by “Mr. Peacemaker” whose long criminal silence amidst the country’s systemic maladies seems to falter in the wake of the sinking status-quo.

His speech vainly punished the dominant debate for the disintegration of the slaughterhouse of Dan Fodio.

Abdulsalami Abubakar joins the trend of profoundly immoral voices to spread “stupidity” along the line of self-determination. While his statesmanship reeks of deceit and false virtue, it brings to the fore of our collective memories the villainous precedents of a man whose “evil genius” dwarfs the wickedness of Gowon, Abacha, Babaginda, Buhari – all summed up. In short, Abdulsalami Abubakar is without reservation the devil’s fork of the British establishment directed towards mass affliction. It comes as no surprise that he chose to betray his conspiratorial silence amidst the people’s awakening to their serfdom and appears to be on a mission to expand the naïve pool through the contraption’s electoral institution.

The problem with these “British Syndicates” of Nigeria’s upper belt is that they have a penchant for issuing unjust decrees with the maniacal obsession of a natural sadist and then turn around to mask their devilish handcraft with embellished sermons. That said, there is only one due process worthy of acknowledgement. There is only one ethical way around getting the victims of premier persecution to participate in the so-called “national consensus” as “commanded” by the murderous tyrant-turned-peacemaker. And given that the potency of the UN Charter stands supreme in the face of the 1999 Abdulsalami Abubakar’s apartheid constitution, thus, SELF-DETERMINATION expressly addresses “Independence Referendum” as the perfect legitimate middle ground for a final resolution.

It is a bit too late to be chanting – PEACE! Such clamors are mere ambient noise that can only be accommodated within the ambit of JUSTICE.

The Old Eastern Region’s contention is that the federal body approves by “national consensus” a date for an Independence Referendum exercise as a “simple voting platform” to test the strength of Nigeria’s unification and to weigh the collective proclamations of the Biafran people’s resolve to carve a separate existence. It is really that simple.

The fantasy of Nigeria’s non-negotiability as gaffed by Ambassador Paul Akwright and his comrades at the British Parliament is a notion drawn from the legal context of the 1999 military constitution which functions as the basis of this malformed union’s continued existence. And yes, Abdulsalami Abubakar is privy to this conspiracy.

Since the legitimization of the fraudulent 1999 constitution, the legal system of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria has been characterized by “profound fascism” that stunts well in stripping the people of their citizenry rights to exist as human-beings of this monstrous, beastly universe we call a country.

I can’t overstate how much I get amused when the prevailing narrative of self-determination is suppressed with a clever appeal for peace – without the inclusion of justice.  In this brand of politics denial and deception are beside the point. And that certainly is the tenor of Abdulsalami Abubakar’s remarks which obviously is in “dissonance” with the Sovereigntist parties commitment to restore “peace” to the polity when and if accorded “justice” through an “Independence Referendum Date” as the only viable dispute-resolution mechanism.

Any other peace-talk in defiance of the aforesaid condition is a fraud.