The Conoil filing station explosion -A caution to others!

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In the afternoon of yesterday, a little over 2:35pm, the ConOil filing station directly opposite the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, suffered an indescribable explosion. An explosion so big that from every part of the federal capital city, one can see the tick dark smoke accompanied by burning fire coming out of the affected area. More than eight fire fighting vehicles emptied their entire content yet the fire raged on for more than 2 hours, that tells how serious the situation was.

As much as i sympatise with the filing station, victims within and outside the station and those trapped in the NNPC building, i must give my frantic opinion on this issue. Till this very moment, no proper reason has been given for the actual cause of the explosion.

I was made to understand that the explosion came from a tanker that was discharging fuel. One thing i know for certain is that there are certain safety measures that must be followed and applied before and after fuel discharge from tankers. The big question is, was this measure followed? My assumption is that they left the tanker unattended, resulting to an ignition that triggered the explosion.

Security personals said no casualty was registered but you and i know what the truth is. Analytically speaking, the Total building harbours activity centers, the filing station point attendants were close by for duty calls and a whole lot of other people moving in and out of the station as we all know that that particular location is a very busy place so, there might be no casualty, but surely there are victims from the fire burns.

In conclusion, the simple reason why this explosion happened is due to the usual lackadeisical attitude of those levied with such responsibility, a caution for other filing station.