The Conspiracy Of The Elites.

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What Nigeria urgently need today is an environmentally friendly, logistically feasible and economically responsible alternative resource, that can remould the very essence of its contextual compositions -the Nigerian people. Never in the history of any nation has there been times, or moments when the radiance and developmental stages of that nation rests only on the wheels of those with power and substance, but also on the wings of constituent elements such as the masses. Because the real constituents of what builds up a true and inclusive national growth, comes majorly from the masses and never from those with power and substance.

Conspiracy of the elites wasn’t born today, not even yesterday, but a destructive invention of yesteryears by the founding fathers of Nigeria’s independence. A conceptualized idea that have gone through turns of revolutions and rebranding in order to suit the century that we are in today. This is an idea that keep making the rich becoming richer while the poor stick only to poverty; an idea that promote a set of people (cabal) from one position to another in the corridors of power while many others remain where they are, never getting up and never acquiring the ascensional political strength to fight for what they believe in; an idea that keep the place of the rich man’s child on top, while the poor man’s child hope on the goodness of the rich man’s child for survival. For the elites that existed before us, and then now, anyone who is a threat to what they are doing, is not just in trouble, but also expendable.

In July, 2006, when former U.S President, Bill Clinton, paid a visit to President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, he said that “The greatest tragedy in Africa today is a lack of new dreams; there is no single tragedy in Africa more than robbing people of their dreams. The challenge in Africa today is building a systematic capacity which will enable people live to make their own progress and save their own future. I read all the time people say there is corruption in the developing world. But there is too little capacity in Africa and when you create an absence of capacity you create a vacuum in which all kinds of bad things happen”. When Clinton made this statement, he wasn’t talking about us, you and i, no, he was referring to the elites who has been in power, who has continued to remain in power, and who still want power. The dreams that have kept Nigeria running comes from the masses, the ordinary people whose very future dwell in the hands of those who constantly thwart them. When Wole Soyinka said that Nigeria is a place where dreams are born and where dreams are killed, he wasn’t joking about it. It is a statement of an undeniable fact. For the elites, building a systematic capacity will mean empowering the people to think for themselves, to work out the hidden mathematical figures for self empowerment and redefinition of their future. And that’s the very reason they’ve chosen not to make that happen.

Education is the one thing that stand between us and chaos (the elites conspiracy). Without education the world as we know it today, would never have been. The boy child, the girl child, all need education for a more sensible direction. The men and women who fought for our independence were educated. The Azikiwes, the Awolowos etc., some whose education were gained in develop countries like the United States, United Kingdom and what have you. So they knew the importance of education, they knew the change that comes with it. They read and saw how the likes of Mahatama Ghandi fought for the liberation of his people in South Africa, how he went back home to India to fight for the full independence of his people from the British Colonial masters. They saw how Martin Luther King Jr. single handedly led movement that today, change the history of African-American in America. They never wanted that to be the case in their time, in the time of their children, they wanted to lead on. The democracy you practice today in Nigeria was fought by true Nationalists, but when the time came for leadership, it was hijacked from them…those who rule us today never made a single sacrifice to be where they are right now and that, is the very reason they don’t appreciate it and that, is the major reason they choose to run Nigeria like nothing is at stake.

conspiracy of the elites is to keep you where you are -uneducated, unemployed, and unsophisticated. This is so that they will keep ruling you, whether or not is astray. So that their children and children after them, will keep ruling you, and your children. So that you don’t just depend on them for existence, but so also that you become financially incompetent to do the needful to change the status quo. The conspiracy of the elites, dirty, devious and unpalatable.

The conspiracy of the elites is very strong. The bond holding them, tight. To take back your country, you yourself have to set up a matching conspiracy, but one geared towards building a better Nigeria. The days when people just follows one individual unthinkingly has gone. This is a new era, no longer business as usual but business unusual and until you understand that, your future may continue to be in the control of another.