The Crashed Military Helicopter And The Boko Haram Interference.

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You will awake to the sad news that another Military Helicopter has just crashed in a suburb near Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State, the Boko Haram troubled State. According to report from residence of the area, the helicopter stalled for some minutes in the sky before hitting the ground in a ball of smoky fire. As it stand right now, the Nigerian Military authorities are yet to issue a statement to this effect and no casualties have been recorded. However, going by what our source said, the crash site doesn't look like anyone will make it out alive.

If you've been following the news lately in Nigeria, you'd know that this is actually the third military helicopter that has crashed within six months in the country. All over the web right now, there are lots of conspiracy theory being constructed or rather, spinned. However, our source in that axis made us to understand that the crash wasn't as a result of any mechanical fault but a strategic aim by members of Boko Haram sect who at that time, were attacking GOMBI, another Local Government Area in the State. The helicopters (two not one) were heading to GOMBI to help quell the situation, but Boko Haram who already knew their route and pattern of operation, took a swoop on them, the second helicopter got away when the first was hit.

You may have heard the report that some group of locals in Mubi, took Boko Haram by surprise, killed over 80 and drove the rest out of the town, bringing back normalcy to state. Now if this is the case, why then are the military, trained soldiers, been made to look common in the eyes of everyone? What are they not telling the people? It is either there is a mole amongst this particular group combating the insurgency or something even more worst than that. Because if the members of Boko Haram can pinpoint military's ETDs and ETAs, then we've got an even more bigger problem than we all thought. The military can never win this war, not like this, not when there's a saboteur in their midst.

Our suggestion is that the Military authorities should change their operation strategy, keep things on "NEED TO KNOW" bases, scan areas covertly before engaging the insurgents. Also, those in the war front should keep their eyes open at all times in order to sense when a betrayal is about to happen. Unless certain measures are taken, helicopters will continue to crash and our soldiers will continue to lose their lives and perhaps, mutiny will continue to be the order of the day.

May God bless Nigeria.