The Death Of Unionism on Campus -By Tijani Abdulkabeer

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I keep shedding tears for the state of unionism on campus in Nigeria tertiary institutions.It is disheartening and unfortunate how it has been marred with lots of falsehood, propaganda, abnormalities،making it difficult to actualise the rationale behind the creation.Although, over the years Nigerian union leaders have always been a paradigm to our daily men, whereby in every sphere display their energetic prowess, protesting all in the interest of the students,defending the rights of common people,waging war against the management on any irregularities,speaking the truth and damn the consequences but six to seven years down the line the scenario has changed. We now have union leaders taking decisions without putting students into consideration, pretending to be an activist in the day but thieves in the night,diverting public funds into their personal accounts.

Besides, just last week a departmental president was suspended in The Polytechnic Ibadan for presenting an office budget worth N140000.After reading through the headline then I begin to ask my self:Why are leaders of tomorrow imitating the thieves of yesterday? Are all this in the interest of the students? What look would the country wear if eventually a youth candidate emerge? Obviously, all those needless items stated in the budget are just a mere satisfaction of ones needs with public funds whereas having nothing to show for his tenure except looting the students blind, increment in the departmental due to mention but few,yet this are the same set of people clamouring for #Not too young to rule# blaming and faulting those tired legs for their clueless leadership and bloody cost of their incompetence.

Moreso,It is crystal clear that the Student union of The Polytechnic Ibadan who equalizes themselves to be the central government are also not left out in this ensuing drama as they contribute to the havoc and difficulties that befall their fellow students who gave them their mandate. They have resort to become a toothpick in the hands of the management therefore shunning the interest of the student,perpetuating evils and going untouched. Recently, the student union demanded thousands of naira from department after even paying the annual due all in the name of “SUG CUP”.Then I ask; What causes the SUG from organizing an hitch-free tournament without demanding token from any department when we actually have a faculty that hosted a “Deans Cup” without taking nothing?. It a slap on the face of the so called union leaders in this institution.All they are best in doing is organising parties lacking educational benefit,negotiating in papers but not in actions.

In addition, A renowned  department on campus who is actually skeptical and uncomfortable about this ill-manner have finally pour out their grievances to the entire world laying down their complaints procedurally but instead of the union leaders to tender an apology to the students,they kept mute and even threaten with a suspension rites this which negates principle of rule of law.

I blame them not,but the entire students who forfeited the system of meritocracy in electing their leaders and rather embraced prebendal principle making it difficult for free-will and as well lacking the expertise knowledge required.If truly you are providing a service to humanity why then should you become deaf to the plight of your people and throw away wings like you would remain forever?

In the very end,It is high time a symposium is held to reorientate students on the brain behind introduction of campus politics because indeed if truly this nation is going to be great the status quo must be challenged.

Tijani Abdulkabeer is a student of The Polytechnic Ibadan and can be reached via:[email protected]