The Decisions We Take For The Moment -By Ezih Dominic

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I had an interesting conversation with a young lady and the conversation goes thus; I asked her what will be her preference between these two kinds of men,  will she prefer a man who truly loves her, who is very committed, who is striving to become somebody and who has a promising future. Or does she prefer a man who is well established, has lots of wealth’s to his credit, does not really love her, does not consider her opinions, does not consider her feelings and emotions. She said to me that she prefers my second option. She told me that she cannot live with a man who has nothing; she said will she eat a promising future. Will she eat emotions, feelings and opinions? She said she prefers a wealthy man who has everything but does not express or profess his love to her. So I said to her in life, there are two sure realties the realities and they are the ups and down. Today you might have everything, tomorrow you become nothing. Furthermore, you might be nothing today and tomorrow you become somebody. Today you might be the most successful business man with lots of wealth at your disposal; you organizations are at top notch. But, within a twinkle of any eye, you might have a terrible accident that cripples you in life; you might just get to your organization and realize that a serious fire destroyed all what you have labored for. You might be walking down your street and immediately, you fall down and collapse, because of a serious illness. There are so many might’s and possibilities that characterize the life we find ourselves. So I asked what will happen if all any of these situations happen to the man she claims she prefers. She could no longer continue in the conversation. I laughed within me. So is she trying to say that she will leave the man if any of this reality sets in? She will leave the man and go for another who has lots of wealth and if the reality sets again, she jumps for another, and another, until she reaches the point of infinity. I still had to laugh again.

In life, we are faced with so many realties that we cannot really change or alter. But if you try to consider the moment alone at the expense of the tomorrow, you might really hurt yourself. So many of our ladies and guys fall into this trap of the momental enjoyment, but we forget that life will not always go as it appears to be presently. Nobody likes the down times, but we need to accept this side of life. This has been the bane of so many divorces, break ups and suicide, because of the mistake of considering only what the moment has to offer and we forget to accept always the truth that the moment can never be as it is, it has to shift and change. God bless all future and present marriages.

Dominic Ezih
[email protected]