The End of Nigeria.

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It all began with the charter, stolen. It contained our history, our values, our unity, and our strength. Signed by our elders, telling the story of our liberties and our pride. And it was taken, by the colonial masters the very day they decided we could all be together under one umbrella. From that day on, it was as if a new story had begun. Times had already changed. New relationships born in hope, now challenged.

There were once two brothers, Cain and Abel, Gods first grand children. And the wicked one killed the innocent one because of jealousy. But he became the father of mankind. Beneath the veneer of civility, we’re all children of Cain. However, this premise is agreed differently by those who have stunted the growth of this nation for a very long time.

Ever since Nigeria was amalgamated, one thing that has continuously stared us in the face is that the entity created by groups of ignorant individuals will some day come crashing down on us. The thing nobody know for sure, is exactly when that will happen. It could be today, tomorrow or many years to come. But one thing we are all very sure of is that Nigeria as a country will not remain a united entity forever.

Individuals, even groups will argue that Nigeria has in one time or another experienced greater insurgency than she is experiencing today, or even what the Arab uprising suggestively promotes and yet, has remained unbreakable. However, one thing they have geometrically failed to put into consideration is that it gets to a point in life when the cross-sections of negativities drops all love and unity in order to display a measurable animalistic tendencies as accorded them by the country leaders. Today in Nigeria people have more faith and loyalty to tribes than they do the country. What good does that do for mighty Nigeria?

In truth and in reality, one of the best things that will happen to Nigeria is its breakage. Whats left for a nation whose people have lived together for a very long time, not in peace but in war? People walk around, face lifted in pretence, with smiles like all is well when inside of them, they silently pray for division. For many years many held on to hope that never came and more likely, never will come. This country that few has fought to keep together only to benefit from its imperfections, is clogged with unstoppable injustices. A country where one brother is killed and the other is rewarded with medals by the same killer; A country where one group rises up only to plant bombs that destroys a less-liked tribe or religion; A country that has many starved immortal souls any nation in the world could ever imagine etc.

We must sacrifice tonight, so that there will be tomorrow. The unity of Nigeria has never gotten us what we want, but separation will give us strength, joy, international relation and unity.

A rich man once asked, what is the point of having power without using it? Nigeria claim to have the greatest judicial as well as military system in the entire world, most talented citizenry a country could ever need, and most vastly, a very large resources like no country in the world could ever have. But what have they been able to do with all that? Nothing.

Many who claim to be shot-callers in Nigeria today play hanky panky with Nigerians, but its time to end the party and send everyone home to where they actually belong, before its too late. Its either those who holds the key to this country’s pretence-unity break it up for everyone to go their way and seek for something new, or we start learning how to do it ourselves.

The wars in Nigeria will never end as long as there are those who make a profit from it. Politicians takes joy in watching cities turns into graveyard.

In times of war, love remains silent! Nigerians must decide now.