The Enslavement of the People of Osun -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

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People of Osun have never been a slave. Osun is home to the cradle according to Yoruba ‘s creation story. I am a son of the soil. I am an activist who clutched the hope that we seek in the times past with APC until I found out that they only offer something worse than the old plan. You remember Bisi Akande sacked workers, Aregbesola enslaved them! Those who call themselves progressive are nothing but retrogressive.

Why should children of the soil (workers) bear slavery scars, of work the men and keep their pay to stop their sales -to marketer in extension, for them to die or what? out of pity, crumbs fell in chunks of half salaries from the tables of the oppressor who just brought out all the withheld loads of cash for payment of all outstanding salaries, is it not pathetic? He now need the workers, he needs their votes? After they have been fooled and pushed apart bearing scars of hunger.


Pensioners in Osun State


Wait, why should we vote for a party tangled in an endless chain of profit, gain, mortgaging of our future, of taking away the satisfying needs by oweing everyone for its own greedy and selfish ambition. They now brag of being richer than the state, I mean all of us home and abroad. Just few days to election, workers money kept in freezer throughout the era of half torment will be paid, we cannot be bought, our blood is royal “Ori ade o ma gbodo se ise ko tun was je iya” that is the slang of our fore-fathers in the olden days while still serf of united kingsmen who dreamt a dream, who built a city of the ‘free’.

People of Osun, for all the dreams we’ve dreamed, all the song we’ve sung and all the change we shouted, we are here today in million having nothing for our pay over the past few years of half filled stomach, half expenditure, half budgets. “we are full and not half”

Remember the salary days of half joy and half tears, for marketers remember your customers who now buy in halves, remember you are not making enough sale like it used to be, your enemy is the government because once workers are not patronising, the economy will go down.

Osun got slaves? No! we will never be treated as one, we reject it, we must bring back the good days, we must bring back full salary and full sale, we must be free again. Osun must be free.

Micheal A. Adeniyi