The Failures of the Church, Daddy Freeze & Tithe -By Nneka Okumazie

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What exactly are the failures of the Church that led to the massive social media attacks at anything they say or do?

What is the play of criticism, at something that is not public, or generally not affecting you?

Humans learn from time to do away with things that don’t work for them, or things they‘re uncomfortable with, or things they’re benefiting nothing from or stuff that causes them pain.

Though there are lots of situations in these categories that are difficult to disentangle from, but there’s often an effort to seek change, or find difference or a way out or a way of ease.

There are some situations too that are remote, where treatment or pain caused to others is perturbing, and could be a cause some people fight for. Some people fight for freedoms, some fight for human rights, some for development, some people also campaign for humanitarian assistance, etc.

But there is something off about the true Church-hate campaign in Nigeria – it does not fit into categories of usefulness to society.

It is not about religious freedoms, it is more about hate for Christianity – causing people to doubt their Faith and to ignite rebellion against Churches and Pastors.

The campaign is not about how Nigeria can develop, because the Church was not set up for national development, neither are they responsible for the massive electricity or poverty problems in Nigeria.

The hate campaign is not about reforming one Church or the Church, but as a general attack against anything at a Church, used as a broad brush against all.

The hate campaign is not about enlightenment, because enlightenment should have a focus especially for improvement and expansion or real change – not telling people to avoid Churches or why Churches are not good.

Tithe is NOT a Scam

Tithes are not OK, they often say, but tithes are not by force. Tithing is expected to be ten percent, but from time many ignore, pay less, or pay inconsistently.

Tithe is not a scam, or any kind of scam – if in a true Church, by a true Pastor, and for true believers. Same for offerings, seed offerings, sowing, first fruit and building projects and other giving opportunities.

The main thing about scams is that most times it is not known that it is a scam. So, if giving and knowing that it may – or may not – mean delayed reward, and it continues for months, and years, it means there is an understand of it as a move of Faith by the believer, beyond that Church or the Pastor.

Tithes are not focused on in the Epistles, so are miracles, etc. Focus, sometimes in the Scriptures may be against a weakness or may be reminder not to fall.

Giving, for many were not a problem in the Scriptures but holiness deficiencies are often prominent.

Solomon did not have a problem giving, but had a problem with righteousness. Ananias and Sapphira did not have a problem – may be – with giving, but may be they were cheats. Peter didn’t have a problem allowing Jesus use his boat [giving] but had a problem with lying.

The rich man who told Jesus that he had kept the commandments from his youth up, but could not sell all he had, to give to the poor – for treasure in heaven and to follow Jesus, maybe had a problem with sacrificial giving, or being an Evangelist.

Zaccheus did not have a problem paying [or giving] back, as soon as he had Jesus on his side, and was ready to be saved. Dorcas, a disciple, did not have a problem with holiness or doing good works and charity.

So holiness and giving go together, not one or the other. As a fact, giving, which can be goodness, is not expected to be used to bluster, like the Pharisee who prayed that he’s not like others – also saying that he gives tithes of all he owns and fasts twice a week.

In contrast to the Publican – who beat his chest in sorrow, saying, ‘O God, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.

Not Failures

As soon as tithes and giving in Church are removed, the remaining part of the agitation is to blame the Church for poverty, unemployment, etc.

A common argument too is Church universities. OK. Assuming high fees are a failure of Church Universities, it is either a failure of planning or a failure of communication.

If they knew that running a University in Nigeria will be expensive and fees will be high, it should not have been impossible to have a ration or ballot, or whatever – transparently, of Church members or workers whose children may attend in order to pay discounted tuition.

Also, for some universities that have scholarships or lower rates for their members or church workers, if it is not known enough and everyone continues to assume all members’ children cannot afford the schools – then it is a failure of communication.

Nonetheless, how is a person smart and refuses to understand that expensive or cheap education is not the problem or solution of education in Nigeria?

There are a lot of those from primary to executive level. Most or all rarely guarantee differential smartness that leads to pure passion for true solutions that can NOT be deterred.

But the noise is Church Universities are expensive, etc. if that is the biggest failure of Church universities anyone sees – that person is smart in reverse.

There are things they – and universities in general – could do, to contribute to society, even cheaply that Nigeria would be better for it.

It was reported that Nigeria overtook India as the nation with the highest number of the poor, OK. But it is not the fault of the Church or the responsibility of the Church to change.

The little they can do, in this huge population, they can try, if they find more to do that does not corrode their true mission and vision – fine. Banks are actually more responsible for poverty in Nigeria on any scale than Churches.

What daddy freeze and his hate activist vile unthinking horde believe are the failures of the Church are not even the failures of the Church.

The holiness and righteousness insisted on across the Epistles are never mentioned in their doomed campaign. Prayer that is expected to be said in earnest and unceasing – against diseases, etc. – are never talked about but discouraged by them. Just hate to crush true Churches and to let evil and wickedness fester.

They blame true Churches for hypocrisy, OK. But hypocritical Christians or Pastors are responsible for their own actions and failures, not a representation of the Church of GOD. As a fact, at points of hypocrisy, in Spirit and in Truth Christian lifestyle is awry. So, it is not on true Churches.

The hate-lamenters cannot even see the hypocrisy in their own campaign. They point fingers on several issues – small or big. They blame Churches for much and cannot do anything better or differently.

The have failed and will continue to fail no matter their support on blogs, forums and social media. Their failure started from what they don’t have: the ability for smart balanced thinking.

Haters and professional destitute hang on to criticism of true Churches, for happiness, as an escape from the lack of the life they desire. But they will never find happiness with their hate campaign.