The Government Deception: Using scandal to cover scandal

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I know and understand that it has always been the usual practice of the Nigerian government to hide the truth, prolong scandalous issues hoping that Nigerians will forget once another national issue(scandal) comes up. Take for instance the British and Virgin Atlantic Airways saga, where they were fined for extorting Nigerians but refused to redeem. Nigerians waited endlessly to hear a positive outcome but nothing happened, it was later enveloped by the Dana Air crash that claimed lives of innocent citizens who up till today, the loved ones they left behind still surfer the pain and heartache. The true nature of the crash and the shallow management of the Airline were hidden behind the shelve by the government. How about the 4,029 sacked staff of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), individuals who committed over 25 years of their youthful strength to develop a Commission and the nation in general, but were fired without gratuity whatsoever. Nigerians were patiently awaiting the outcome but from no where the Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi threw out yet another government bone for public struggle. No issue in this country get completely resolved, not even one that relate to corruption.

Little wonder why immediately the issues of Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola arised, the investigating Committee preferred to protect the so-called name of the honourable house and its members rather than protecting the interest of the people they are there to represent. Today Dimeji Bankole lives in affluence after stealing over N40 billion without been put away by the government. Gradually, the Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola case is dying or has died off, the public no longer pay much attention to it, thanks to the precarious currency re-structure agenda of the CBN Governor.

The question is, do we keep living like this? When are things going to get better in this country? Who is that messiah that Nigeria needs to be redefined? Will the year 2015 be any different from the past and the current present? May God help the ordinary Nigerians.