The hidden truth about our independence.

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the hidden truth about our independence-OpinionNigeria

Fifteen years ago when some group of Nigerian wealthy men, and their international partners, bailed out our failed government, they soled it to us as our salvation, called it DEMOCRACY, freedom for all. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people! Now we see that we have paid for that rescue with our freedoms. We have awaken to the truth, we have become slaves to these few men, outnumbered by our multitude yet powerful than our multitude.

We point to our constitution and bill of rights, what rights and what constitution? Constitution organized by them, bills made possible by them. We were born into crushing death, to parents without hope. And your only right is to work for them and their unborn children, until you pay it all. Except that will never happen, because everything you need, they provide, oh wait! yeah, they don’t provide, you have to figure out how to further work for anything and everything you need. The shelter, the food, the water, the light, your children’s education, your healthcare etc. And it all sends you deeper into their pits of slavery, modern day slavery or, the civilized slavery. But all that can change Nigerians, we have the power to free ourselves. To take back what we’ve lost, our true independence, our dignity, our very souls. To take back our liberty!

The independence that so many of you think you have today is false, filled with lies and deceit. The hidden truth about our independence is that our forefathers fought to keep the whites away but they never fought to tame the remaining blacks. They thought its the color that makes one a true Nigerian but little did they know that it was only a camouflage. After the whites left, the remaining blacks, those who felt they have got certain knowledge others don’t, modified things to suit their purpose of existence. For control, for power and for extension of slavery. You may doubt me all you want but you know am stating the fact and would appreciate disapproval of this.
Look around you, is there anything that smells like freedom? Like true freedom? The government, the same one you and i fight ourselves to put into power, lie to us and steal from us yet we still wish to promote and protect them all because we are beet shut up with peanut in the name of money. What you have today, or what you think you’ve acquired today, will it make it all right for the continuous anarchy that parades the nation? A country where hundreds die every day out of hunger and deprivation; a nation where only the high and mighty gets to have a say in a matter that concerns the people; a country where billions and trillions gets missing with no one to hold accountable; a country where a hungry boy steals some piles of banana and gets a jail sentence, does that seem to you like freedom, like justice?

Allow me to say that if this is what independence taste like i rather go back to colonial rule! Because then, at least people have food to eat when they work. The only time these few men and women who control, command and condemn feel that the people is important is during election and, that’s only because they want it so. Some of you may think that’s the giving but its not. It is never the giving, even the Holy Book made it clear that ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL before GOD. Common folks, will it be wrong if the people been ruled, are offered something nice and peaceful every now and then? Something nice and peaceful like good road, quality water supply, stable and efficient electricity power, quality educational system, good healthcare, i mean things that extends life. The people are not asking for the HEAVENS here, these are something they continually pay for but never provided them.

Today, all that can change, let the world go forth from this time and place, to friends, foes and the likes, that our forefathers, yours and mine, has passed the touch to a new generation unwilling to commit the undoing of human rights and dignities, and let every character-questioned government person know, whether it wishes us well or ill that we shall pay any price to ensure the survival and success of liberty. 2015 is the time to make all this RIGHT again.