The military, police and other law enforcement agents are the Boko Haram we seek

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I have been in a one hour thirty minutes discussion with a military man here in Kaduna, who gave me an insight of whats truly going on, and the reasons why the Boko Haram insurgents are clampping high in the country.

He began by painting me a picture of the Jaji bomb blast, the one of last week, that claimed lives of innocent Nigerians as always. First, i have to say that he was lucky to have escaped the blast. From his story, he’s escape was devine and miraculous. The level of corruption in the country has eating deep into the bone marrows of our leaders in their different categories, were it not to be for the discipline that every individual in the military has, they would have joined the police in collecting money at post stations he said.

He told me how his unit patrol vehicle assigned to man the Jaji province all of a sudden stopped their usual patrol operation few days to the very day the blast happened. He vehemently stated that it was a conspiracy by the people on top.

He however did not stop there, he said how their weekly entitlement were reduced daily, making it difficult for them to do their job the way they should. He told me that those soldiers i see standing by the way side received a mere N500 daily.

He also stated that top military officers are part of the big plan, that they arrange and pay some junior officers who go to Maiduguri to fight for the cause of the Boko Haram insurgents, after which they receive fat sums of money. He maintained that as long as the nation’s leader, president Jonathan, refuse to do what is needed due to fear of what happens after he leaves office, the violence and incessant killing of Nigerians will go on.

This is truly an eye opener into the picture. What this actually means is that, all the while that they come up on media to condemn the killings, they were not doing it from their hearts. They benefit from the choas. As the saying goes, those who lives in glass house, don’t throw stones. It could be their very own the next time.

Now my conclusion is, if the military are truly conspiring with the Boko Haram to kill innocent and defenceless Nigerians, then, the police and other law enforcement agents are also part of the conspiracy.