The Most Famous Betrayal Story Ever Told In Igbo Land -By J. Ezike

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There is an abundance of madness taking hold in Nigeria. This theatrical evil is coming to us like a waking from a nightmare reeled out in the dawn of a Black August. The scenes are shockingly disturbing. It is a clear-crisp rendering of cold tyranny that should not deserve the occasional strangling of our voices. It steals the show from sanity and sets mediocrity to blitz. The show takes the same approach to the brutal slaughtering of unharmed Biafran activists in the most famous betrayal story ever told in Igbo land.

Official assault on the feminine members of the struggle for Biafran referendum is the latest show of oppression from the “always moronic and provocative bone-headed governor of Imo state.”

I have engaged in discreet conversations with some colleagues of mine, to ascertain the factual details about the cruel, roughshod reception meted out on innocent women of the Biafran divide. This “dead-face” atrocity by the Imo State Government is the height of madness, as Ohaneze Nd’igbo plays through the familiar treacherous character with the traditionally violent mood swings and with more vocal polemics.

Also boasting a distinctly queer connivance is “The East Governors” deafening silence amidst this earth-quaking, history making persecution of Igbo women activists, whose march on the streets of Owerri with placards was equated to war and treason. This time Ohanaze Nd’igbo has immersed itself deeper in the mud and times of history’s worse traitors. Their alarmingly ambitious thirst for power is bilingual of dementia and lunacy.

As Operation Python Dance Part 3 appears to hover in the horizon, Okorocha and the gang are daring to fill their “blood tanks” with the vital fluids of their mothers and grandmothers!

There is an Igbo adage that says: “A goat that dies in a barn was never killed by hunger.”

In accord with its leanings, the arrest of the Igbo Women activists uncovers its authors and master-minders. You do not have to remember Nnamdi Kanu’s abduction to get it: An Iscariot of high order resides in Imo Government House.


J. Ezike

These Igbo Women activists who are being crammed by their hundreds into filthy, windowless prisons, stuffed into bar-caged Black Maria and battered with the hammer of injustice, unveils a critical look at Nigeria on truth in the age of civilization.

The offensive effects on democracy and the onslaught from the Fulani caliphate with the backing of the British government have continued to expose the imbalances in our union, the complete weakening of the laws and the rapid growth of federal assault.

The movement for Biafran Independence Referendum (BIR) is a struggle to preserve truth and justice. As we strive to maintain a footing in a politically disadvantaged position, we call on the international community to subvert the tyranny by calling for the unconditional release of the IPOB women activists.