The Most Insignificant Assholes of the 21st Century!

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I know that some of you believe that Nigeria isn’t tough as many of us, sorry, as people of my type made it to appear. I also know that some of you due to your miraculously rewarding career or achievement believe that others who are not equal to you isn’t working hard enough. That is not true! You may stand by your door room window and act like you’ve seen it all and have everything well planned out. The question is, how long will it last? How long before the system pulls you down just like everyone else who has been there before?

What i see from where i stand is a system that is designed to make you fail even in the hardest of your work input. A system design for you and me to fail no matter how hard we try. I know some of you likes stats (statistics), so let me give it to you.

Nigeria’s tertiary institutions only graduate 50% of the students. And of those that do graduate, only 2% become gainfully employed at the end of their service year. 1.8% of this 2% are people who came from a family of MEANS (wealthy family). Which tells me when i walk down the various camps of the National Orientation, looked at the pitch where they are lined up for match practice, that maybe only ONE PERSON amongst that great number, is going to be gainfully employed. But damn, if am not going to be gainfully employed where am i gonna go, what am i gonna become? Now that is a great question! And the answer for young, vibrant and blood filled youth of today, probably is the PRISON.

Some of you may have read on the newspaper, or some blog on the Internet, where a young man of about 24 years old, who stole a mobile phone and some pack of recharge cards was sentenced to, not even a jail term, but DBH(Death by Hanging). Yes! Death by hanging, for stealing a mobile phone and recharge cards. Does it bother you? Oh yeah i know that the question probbing hard in your mind right now is ‘what about those Senators, honourable members, distinquished governors, honourable ministers etc. who constantly steal huge amount of money and gets to go free?’

Yeah! They gets to go free because they are the ones that made the rules that guides you. They are the ones that decides your faith even when they shouldn’t. I called them THE MOST INSIGNIFICANT ASSHOLES OF THE 21ST CENTURY because thats what they are, all of them. All of the Nigerian leaders are to be awarded with that title because thats what they are have WON themselves over these years.

The truth is, you can amount to something if you choose to. No one, not even your parents can decide what you become in this lifetime, you are the only one who can make that choice for yourself. The leaders may set the rules but you can set your own rules. If all of Nigerian youths will understand that its time for them to team and work together irrespective of ethnic differences, religious differences or even cultural demarcations, then they can forge their own path and make the leaders do their bidding.

Its all in your hands, take it from these insignificant assholes of the 21st century!