The Mounting Tension: Palestinians Are Just Looking For Trouble

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The Mounting Tension: Palestinians Are Just Looking For Trouble

A Zionist prophet once asked, "Is a situation moral in which one side can commit any crime or murder and the other is forbidden to react?" I pride myself of staying neutral on issues, especially one that has a religious background. Because the reality of it all is that, no matter what you do, how hard you try to remain simple, or wisely technical, one side must feel hurt that you gave your support to the other and not his or them as the case may be. In this whole struggle between the Jewish people of Israel and the Palestinians, the truth for me is that there must be a price for attacks upon Jews in Israel at the holiest site in Judaism and amongst that price, must be increased rights of Jews to pray. As Ricki Hollander rightly stated, "Jewish reverence for the Temple Mount long predates the building of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque in the 7th century CE, and even predates the construction of the first Jewish Temple by King Solomon almost 2000 years earlier." Simply put, the Jews have more right to the holiest site than the Palestinians who are now the ones waging war.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is the historical location of the First and Second Temples, the holiest place in the world for Jews. I must state herein, that its vigorously absurd that anyone in the world can deny Jews the rights to freedom of prayer in the State of Israel. The Supreme Court cannot in one hand, allow Jewish prayer at the holy site and on the other hand, continuously restricts visitation and forbid any form of prayer that can be deemed "incitement" -including Jews merely moving their lips. You can't tell people how to pray or what to say when they pray. The only reason this whole thing is rising up today, is because over the years, its been made as if the Arabs have sovereignty over Judaism's holiest site.

When you carefully look into history, you'd understand why the Jewish people are contesting the treatment they currently receive from the Arabs as regards this place of prayer. No doubt the Temple Mount is important to both groups, but only under Jewish rule have both religions been given access to the Temple Mount. What this simply means is that, it must remain under the control or rule of Israel.

The only way i see this tension coming to an end and remaining so, is if the Arab scholars, their elders and their leaders, tell the truth about not just the holy site now, but their place in the entire landmass.

God save the world.