The National Assembly may have forgotten, but we haven’t.

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National Assembly may have forgotten but we haven’t. Many months ago before President Goodluck Jonathan officially became the president elect, Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari made a statement that threatened and still threatens the UNITY of Nigeria, a statement and action that ignited and further inspired the notoriously dangerous Islamic group whom they couldn’t control afterwards. He publicly stated that Nigeria will be made ungovernable for Jonathan if he becomes the president of Nigeria. Two other prominent Northerners made the same statements and went away unchallenged. Few weeks ago, Asari Dokubo, the civilian leader behind the defunct Niger Delta militancy and insurgence, made similar statement in a different manner. That if Jonathan did not win the 2015 election, Nigeria will seize to exist. Both statement if you wish to know are treasonable and warrant serious punishment to those behind it BUT, there is a big but which I want to establish herein.

Muhammadu Buhari went further to say and I quote “God willing by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a disgraceful way. If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon will all be soaked in blood.”  After his statement followed by another from the North, Farouk Adamu Aliyu who said and I quote again, “Let me also use this opportunity to say on behalf of us in the north, that nobody has the monopoly of violence. On behalf of the people of the north, there shall be no One-Nigeria if a northerner is not elected president come 2015.

Do you really think that anyone who will make such a statement thinks good of his country? If you do i don’t! Just so you know that my angle here is not for the purpose of attacking any region in the country but to state the fact on ground and the reason why it is important for the National Assembly to have not only challenge his statement but further put him, Muhammadu Buhari under arrest after declaring his intention of disintegrating Nigeria. We all know the position of Buhari in Nigeria even with respect to his Muslim brothers as well as in military.

After both Northerners made those statements, not even one person from the National Assembly said anything about it but after Dokubo made his, it became a national debate amongst members of senate and House of Representatives. They took hold of his horn and pledged to pull it out of his head. Permit me to ask, between Buhari and Dokubo, whose statement should have been taken seriously by Nigerians and more especially, by the National Assembly? I take Buhari and you know why? Because he was once a commander-in-chief of this country’s armed forces which by extension, still has loyal servants in the Nigeria military today; because he once and in some corners, still commands the respect of many Northerners, both Muslim and Christian alike; because he’s a fanatic who want to make sure that before his reign wash off from Nigeria, that he Islamize the nation; because from the Senate to House of Representatives, Northerners hold more seat that South and East combine for which such instrument could be used when or if his plan is to come to fruition. As for Dokubo, yes he controlled the militant sometime past but where are the boys now? This is someone whose organization is under watch from morning till night by members of secret service, how can he perform or carry out the threat?

There is something most people, due to tribal sentiments have forgotten about Nigeria, that we are an indivisible group of people, come rain come shine. The National Assembly cannot and should not choose whose threat they will respond to, Nigeria is their first priority and they must do all in their power to protect her. If they must prosecute someone, they have to start with Muhammadu Buhari and his colleagues before Asari Dokubo.