The need for a better politics in Nigeria by Nigerians.

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If i have the will-power to re-write the law guiding politics or the way it is practiced in most countries, especially Nigeria, i’d cut down Nigeria’s access to about 35%. Politics is a very interesting, intriguing and delicate portfolio built for human development but, its practice all around the world today, has derogated the real and true essence of its creation.

Assuming the door of secracy can be opened up for everyone to see, the number of people killed in politics world wide on daily basis, cannot and will never amount to the number of insect that dies on monthly basis. Nigeria’s politics is whacked, filled with lies and bitterness, cynicism and betrayal. You can argue same for rest of the world i really don’t care as my concern right now, is centered on the country i live and work in, Nigeria.
At the age of 11 i was cultured to believe that no one man holds the key to evil, its in everyone of us but whether we choose to activate it or not, is up to us. Its an individual imagination that everyone of us all, manages. Every single politician you can think of today in Nigeria play a dirty politics. Politics of lies, deceit, bitterness, hatred and greed. No single one among them considers peace, love, true transparency and accountabililty in their political motto and that, is bad for both the innocent and not so innocent.

Nigeria is where she is today because the politicians who by the way, happen to be the leaders, fight only for themselves alone and not for the good of the country. Nigeria is where she is today because politicians who take up offices think of how to cheat, steal and to never get caught, instead of thinking of how to build, install and create. There is this general believe amongst Nigerian politicians, that unless you are tough and dirty, politics will be played on you instead of the other way round. Politics isn’t dirty and musn’t and shouldn’t be played dirty.

For Nigeria to be transfered from bad to good, it’s politics must be played right. Her leader must put national interest above every other and more paramountly,learn how to be selfless leaders in the nation they call their own.