The Need for the Newly Appointed Commissioners to Show Sound Administrative and Political Culture in Service -By Ahamefula Israel

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Governor Okezie Ikpeazu


Tomorrow 13th November 2017, all road leads to Michel Okpara auditorium for the swearing ceremony of the newly appointed commissioners by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. This act is the beauty of the presidential system of government, empowering the elected executive leaders at all levels to choose its cabinet members. Though the cheeks and balances in democracy as seen in the existence of the three arms of government makes it imperative for President, Governors and Local Government Chairmen to involve the legislative arms in confirming their choice. The ultimate power to choose still lies in the Executive arm. That is why in making their choices, a lot of considerations are made to ensure that every segment is duly represented to avoid the cry of marginalization.

Indeed, the choice of 24 out of over four million Abians, to serve as commissioners by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is by no means an easy task considering the presence of lobby and interest from various political blocks.

The facts remains that the chosen twenty-four from the 17 local government areas of the state are men and women of substance, who have in one way or the other made positive marks in their areas of endeavor.
It is true that Governor Ikpeazu has set the ball rolling in many sector but a lot needs to be done. Having been appointed at this critical period of our dear state, the need for the newly appointed commissioners to show sound administrative and political culture cannot be over emphasized. They must dress-up to the dunking challenges facing the state. This lucky echelons must be a reliable access to the Governor who relatively has not hidden his desires for a better Abia.

As they are been sworn in today, those that shall be given the responsibility of social amenities such as road, water, electricity and health must work harder in making sure that quality projects are delivered timely at the interest of Abians. Those that will be in charge of youth, education and poverty must work hard to ensure that the youth are truly equipped and empowered to face the task ahead.
For those that will be chosen to handle Trade, Industries, Science and Technology, there is a lot of expectation for the rehabilitation and revival of the moribund industries and factories as well as making the markets very conducive for trading activities.

Indeed, whether in Agriculture or Local government affairs, every commissioner must deviate from the usual past by being pro-active in facing the task in their various ministries.
There is no doubt that the quality of media managers in the cabinet, the story of the information management in the state will change for good.

Regular payment of salaries and pension should be the priority of those in-charge of finance.
There is no doubt that this is a golden opportunity for this chosen ones to live their marks in sands of time.
Let me conclude with a Greek proverb “The measurement of a man is what he does with power”

Ahamefula Israel, a Senior Advocate of Nigerian Students writes from uturu. e-mail:[email protected]