The Nigeria We All Deserve -By Emmanuel Onyekwere

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Recently my friends have been on the attacking side (even those I least expect), everyone have their defenses anyway – which I consder all-beautifu. But what marvels me is how most of them have nothing tangible and applauable to credit to the government of the day if not N-power, there should be more if we really understand what democracy means.
N-Power is a federal government of Nigeria (under the present administration) program for job creation and empowerment. It aims at reducing unemployment and claims to have engaged 200,000 unemployed youths since its inception in 2016.

Let me also say this, if you, yes you, a youth supports the present government because of N-power (I want to enjoy my N-power oo blah blah). You have two problems:

1. Low self esteem
2. Wickedness

Yes, you have low self-esteem and at the same time shortsighted (or visionless). The last time I checked you were supposed to be a graduate, aren’t you? Now tell me, in which country is a graduate paid #30,000 as salary? The N-power thing is considered a good initiative but too cheap a price for your conscience and good future.

Emmanuel Onyekwere

Holding unto N-power to return a government has inflicted poverty on over 190million people is an act of WICKEDNESS (selfishness), don’t you think there could be something better than N-power if we #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain? Remember your younger ones are at home while they were supposed to be in school because of #ASUU. Remember that thousands have been killed because the government decided to shield the sins of a particular monstrous group. Remember that many other people out there have lost good paying jobs/investments all because of the wrong moves and outdated economic policies of the present government.

If you – a young man/woman, a graduate is comfortable with N30,000 employment, the rest of us are not. Our interest is a Nigeria which is not different for the blueprint of our fallen heros. A country bound in freedom, peace and unity, where preferential treatment would not be metted out on any particular group at the detriment of others. Not a country held under the shackles of military dictatorship called Democracy. We need honest and intelligent leaders who are bound b their words. We yearn for responsible government which will take blame for its actions (whether right or wrong) without blaming anyone for their failure. Leaders that will take us forward and not to our dark history, a sensitive government that feels the pain and plight of the people – placing the people first.

Good people, we should not applaud incompetency anymore, let’s stop encouraging political witch-hunt codenamed fight against corruption, we have outgrown this sort of folly. This is not the Nigeria we all deserve.

One Response to The Nigeria We All Deserve -By Emmanuel Onyekwere

  1. I must say well done sir;for this wonderful work done by you
    This is what Nigerians need to hear and take heed to but it’s a shame because most of Nigerians are acting as if the are under a spell
    Only God will deliver us from this mess we’ve four ourselves in
    Thanks again

    Victor Davidson
    January 13, 2019 at 7:08 pm