The Nigerian Dream: Expectation and Reality

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For many who don’t know, the Nigerian dream is the spirit of determination. The people of Nigeria never give up, they never quit. Even in the midst of suffering, they strive on, hoping that some day, it will all be better and things will turn around for them. That, is the Nigerian dream. Inside every dream, builds an expectation which projects to reality.

What an average Nigerian expects from the government, and the reality of their expectation.

Expectation of the Nigeria people from 1960 till date is to wake up and see a Nigeria that is free of corruption, a Nigeria where there will be uninterrupted power supply, a Nigeria where even the poor could have a taste of good education, a Nigeria where tax payers money could be put to better use, a Nigeria where representers of a constituency actually represents the constituency, a Nigeria where even the less privileged child will have a right to better life, a Nigeria where unity, peace and harmony will form the bed rock of their society, where good road network, rule of law, justice and fairness becomes the societal values.

A Nigeria filled with suffering and unending corruption; A Nigeria where everyone lives in fear because nobody knows when or where the next bomb will explode; A Nigeria where you wake up one morning and see a change in the price of petroleum; A Nigeria where the people in authority knows that an airplane is not in good state but yet, allowed to fly; A Nigeria where just one man goes home with $620,000 while millions of people go to bed in empty stomachs; A Nigeria where the commander-in-chief is just a figure head; A Nigeria where the government takes from the poor to give to the rich; A Nigeria where a part of the country believe that leadership is their sole right; A Nigeria where tribalism and religious conflicts has become the order of the day…A Nigeria where things “might” never be the same again!