The Ondo Governorship Debate was a punch in the face

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As i write down this piece, i am assuming that negative possibilities are multiplying in Ondo State. I witnessed one of the most hilarious and at the same time disappointing debates in the history of this country yesterday. The Ondo State Governorship Debate. With due respect to their personalities, seeing them lined up before the panellist and listening audience yesterday, sent a message of incompetence. The first two (2) minutes of the debate confirms my message. It was incongruous and pitiful.

The thing i keep wondering is what manner of deputy governorship aspirant comes out for a public debate without preparing for it let alone knowing how to speak English? No wonder we’ve not got it right in this country, why many State still wallow in precarious water of shame and poverty. The three candidates from their various parties were as impressive as an octogenarian who’s learning to lift weights in order to become a boxer. Handing anyone of them such position will be the same as asking a toddler to address the elders in a village towns meeting. It is obvious, they can’t deliver, not with what i saw yesterday.







Imagine what i heard when the candidate from the ACPN, Tolupe Clement, was asked how he will generate internal revenue in the State, bearing in mind that the excess money from crude is no longer enough and that the FG is serious about States generating their own revenue. He said that some individuals will pack their cars in places where they are not supposed to, so his government will arrest them and make them pay before they can get back their cars. Such money according to him, will go into the coffers of his government, in addition to his party helping him generate revenue.

The female candidate from NCP, Ogbetor Benedicta, was asked what activity she will reanimate to restitute power supply in the State, if it happens she is elected as the deputy governor. She said she will “COLLIDE” with PHCN and other responsible bodies to help her provide electricity. The worst of them all is the candidate from ANPP, Ikuewumi Rotimi, who understands little or no English, his entire debate was done in his native language(Yoruba). For him, he thought he was in a park where he has to chair area boys before communicating his message. Whenever a question is thrown at him, he first of all hail the audience in Yoruba before going ahead to make attempt in answering the question.

As funny as the debate was, it has shown that there is still a very long way to go in this country, God help us as i say long live Nigeria.



2 Responses to The Ondo Governorship Debate was a punch in the face

  1. This is a blow to the entire Nigeria populace and government of this country,atimes i begin to wonder how this so called politician were endoresed by educated people if there are!!!.I imagine why a candidate of a party will use the word “COLLIDE” in order to provide something good.And an area father coming to govern Learned people and speaking a native language in this generation of globasation and socialazation.Though am not suprise,during the presidentail debate,a candidate came up for the debate with an interpreter to translate his native Hausa language for him,and he want to rule this country,Mr Clement who has been a garage boy and also a tug all his life has shown who he really is.I reserve further comments.

    September 26, 2012 at 2:18 pm

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your comments my friend, the decay is stretching farther than expected. Every wimp without idea comes up to play politics, trying to get a shot of power to further corrupt the nation.

    Jeff Okoroafor

    Jeff Okoroafor
    September 26, 2012 at 4:57 pm