The Oscar Award, a faking reality of unplanted principles

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Watching The Oscar Award is like watching a mix of lined up best seller movies, packed with colorful and astonishing images of characterization, spread themselves on wings of atmospheric thunder-stage. As I sit alone this night, watching the amazing idea of intelligent minds, what runs through my mind is, what a magnificent idea, has it been corrupted or is it still done by merit as supposed?

The first time this award was given, on May 16, 1929, the cost of guest ticket for that night was just $5, today, or rather tonight, the cost climbs as high as thousands of dollars and then the awards itself, only God and the organisers knows.

As amazing and interesting or inspiring as this award may seem, for the organisers and the award receipients alike, the political backplay and underground camouflages are remarkably hurting to many. My point is, none of the awards given out during this Oscars nights are merited, they are all sold and bought, highest bidder model.

There are directors, producers, actors, actresses, cinematographers, image makers etc that deserve The Oscar based on the true Oscar award criteria, but these individuals luck around on the stage background while mediocres and limiting role takers climb the top stage to receive awards. History has it that, due to the corruptible politics played in the award, quite a number of people has publicly rejected the award.

The first to do so was Dudley Nichols(Best Writing in 1935 for The Informer). Nichols boycotted the 8th Academy Awards ceremony because of conflict between the Academy and the Writers’ Guild. His refusal to accept the award was followed by George Scott who  in 1970, during his nomination and subsequent winning of the prize for Best Actor, for Patton, described it as a “Meat Parade”, which according to him, don’t want to have anything to do with.

There are couple of others who like the two previously mentioned individuals, have rejected the mighty Oscar Award for reasons bordering around corruption and deceipt. The one million naira question for me right now is, are all these people who are going to win this award tonight, part of the corrupters?