The over widen gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria

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One day in Nigeria, the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich. This short witty statement may pass as a mere statement to the passive mind. But this statement has something ominous and scary. It keeps beating a war-like drum in my subs consciousness. And it’s a pity this fear may not be entertained anywhere else, but I am damn sure it is pregnant and its birth may not be palatable!

The poor have been stretched limitlessly and very soon they may extricate themselves from the grip of poverty, want and deprivation. And it is indeed time for someone to prick the conscience of our leaders. The social injustices, the graft, corruption and immorality in high places, the flagrant and flamboyant parade of stolen wealth, the stubborn show of power, favoritism and reckless tribalism and total breakdown of the system is choking.

Like the goat, I’m afraid the people may want to bite real soon. This is not a reactionary call but a clarion call from us!

Steadily, we are growing in cultivated progression and we are very proud of that. As usual, we are committed with burning passion and guided enthusiasm to climb higher to our domain of reality. We are young, creatively endowed and entrepreneurially rooted. We are the train of creativity.

From the expose of Richard Balami, who rather than succumb to the burden of his disadvantaged legs and resorting to self pity, endured the tortures of polio virus and joined other able bodied people in the struggles of life thus rising to the exalted position of the current Deputy Postmaster-General in charge of Finance and Investment at the NIPOST Headquarters, thus becoming the first person to achieve this feat on a wheelchair! And the inspiring story of Hajia Nafisa Nuhu, a market woman who rose to become a Special Assistant to the Minister of the Federal Capital territory is added to our load of indepth researched articles on topical issues f of health, economic, culture, fashion, Art and sports.

As mother of the poor in Nigeria, Hajia Amina As- Zubair takes a bow after glorious and meritorious services and sacrifices as the Senior Special Assistant to the President on MDGs, we pay her glowing tribute for her selfless, patriotic and professional services to the nation.  Nigeria is near change and we must see that it is grasped as quickly as possible.