The Phantom American Prognosis: Put On Your Thinking Caps, Nigerians.

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The Phantom American Prognosis: Put On Your Thinking Caps, Nigerians.

I learnt something from Nigeria and that is the fact that if they do not want something to happen and they pray to their God, they are able to change that thing overnight”.

Clemens Westerhof, one of Nigeria’s former coaches, who was asked after he returned to his home country (Holland) about what he had to say concerning Nigeria and her people, made the above statement.

Two days before the commencement of the ongoing World Economic Forum on Africa, i was seating in a section of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, when i overheard the discussion of three White guys, and from their accents, they were Americans. One of them, a heavy smoker by the way, remarked that with what is going on in Nigeria today, the prediction made in 2005 about Nigeria splitting up, might come to pass. I was forced to take a look, i quickly turned around to get a glimpse, i wanted to cut into their discussion but restrained myself as i felt they don’t worth it.

I am sure almost every Nigerian has heard of this so-called “PREDICTION” by the U.S. As a matter of simplicity, the United States of America never made such a prediction but, as a matter of technicality, they did. In January 2005, a bunch of “US Expert on Africa”, sponsored by the U.S National Intelligence Council on a venture they titled “Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s Future”, stated that the break up of Nigeria may take time but it will happen.

Yes, members of the dreaded Islamic sect known as Boko Haram has been around for the past decades but, who can rightly tell that their sudden violent rise at this hour, a time close to the prediction period of the US, was not instigated? The United States of America were the very first nation that indicated interest to help Nigeria, to provide there “SUPPORT” and assist in bringing down Boko Haram. Beginning from the comedian to the top government official in the US, has anyone or group including their news houses ever reported anything good about Nigeria or Nigerians? Ever since the CNN crew led by Isha Sessay landed in Nigeria, what have they done? They are reporting as if Nigeria is A WAR ZONE, and some poorly constructed minds in the country via social media is aiding them by saying all sorts of negative rubbish about Nigeria and the ongoing terror strike.

I think that the United States of America is stuck to old ideas and dreams as well as stereotypes about us and our capabilities, they cannot see the New Nigeria that we are building collectively as we move beyond the past, but allowing the past and present to strengthen and sustain our future. The 2005 “US Expert on Africa” wasn’t the first to give such negatively half-baked prediction about a nation, similar experts at the beginning of the second half of the 20th Century predicted worse scenarios for South East Asia. In fact, at the dawn of independence in Africa, Africa’s chances were rated much better than that of South East Asia, but because they pulled themselves together, the predictions and projections about them have been proven false. In the case of Africa, the reverse has been true as the early favourable predictions and projections for the continent have remained largely unattained.
Just like former President Olusegun Obasanjo said, “If our detractors cannot see our far-reaching reforms, our fight against waste and corruption, the new culture of prudence and service delivery that is gradually emerging, the various political reforms including the on-going National Political Reform Conference as well as the sacrifices our people are making to ensure economic progress and democratic consolidation as indicators of progress and a radical departure from the past, then they must have some dubious or diabolical benchmarks for measuring efforts at ensuring oneness, unity, stability, indivisibility, prosperity, development and growth of our dear country.”

Our performance in the last forteen years has, in my view, been very good just as our performance in ensuring stability, peace, economic progress and good governance in West Africa and, indeed, the whole of Africa. It’s my believe that it is only God and ourselves that can map our present and future. No outsider can do that accurately for us. I know that some people glibly talk of the probability of Nigeria as a failed State. I believe that they are living in the past and incapable of noticing and appreciating the positive strides we are making on all fronts and the determination of the Nigerian people to join hands to consolidate democracy and promote sustainable growth and development.

They are Americans, they will come in all manners, just remember to put on your thinking caps, Nigerians.