The Pharisees And The Kingdom -By Kehinde Oluwatosin

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Now it came to pass as Sarak the leader of the assembly of pharisees shut down the assembly to take part in the casting of lot at the festival of pindipi.

The festival of pindipi is celebrated a year before the passover among the scribes, the pharisees who desire to become kings in the land, and governors who desire to become pharisees after two full moons as governors in which they apportioned loads of shekels to themselves only.


Kehinde Oluwatosin Babatunde


And it came to pass that at the feast of pindipi that Sarak the former governor of the tribe of the cattle rearers in the north, Dankwaboziah, Atikuli and Tambuwali the former speaker of the house of pharisees went head to head with each other.

Seesth that the casting of lot went very hot and knowing that this lot shall not be called inconclusive like it happened in the south among the osuntith , Atikuli beseech Sarak in the night and sayth, knowing that thou hath been a governor twice and the leader of the assembly of pharisees who maketh laws to apportion shekels to thyself in the first moon of king Buhar, I pray thee allow thy servant this opportunity at the table of the kings to be the king of the land of Ngeria .

And a great anger fell upon Sarak and he said, how come you plead that I allow thee win the lot? Knowesth not that thou and thy father Objlia the owutith ruleth the land for two full moons? And thou want me to step down for thee?

Atikuli knowing what Sarak wanted, blessed him and apportion to Sarak shekels and barley belonging to the people of the land and a great joy fell upon Sarak and he said thou hath highly blessed among other pharisees in the kingdom, go ye into the kingdom and take as much shekels as you desire but thou shall not forget thy servant when thou get into the kingdom, because it’s a kingdom built on the rock, and a great joy fell on Atikuli and he promised that he shall do all that Sarak desire.

Now it came to pass on the day the lot will be passed that Atikuli won the lot and a great joy fell upon him and the tribes of the pharisees for they desire to take the kingdom from the hand of king Buhar.

And in all these the pestilence of the people of the land Ngeria continue and they know not when the master of the universe will deliver them as king Buhar and Atikuli are half a dozen and six.