The presidency playing us for a banana republic -By Njoku Ikenna

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President Muhammadu Buhari


Am still among those that maintains that our president remains incoherent,despite the celebration and declaration of public holiday that accompanied his return to Nigeria on Saturday. Hurried back in other to avoid an international media backlash and as many have touted maintaining his appeal on his base as Sallah approaches, September. They came with a shocker 6 minutes speech that seemed as if the presidents mouth was running faster than his words, exemplifying that it was a recorded speech with all semblance of anger, hate and most of all signs of military threat. Bringing one to believe that it was the presidency that actually gave Igbos in the North the quit notice, sponsored the hate song and now using the army to silence the agitation and opposing views. All these is seen in the presidents speech where he alleged that him and Ojukwu met in his residence, discussed in depth, analysed the problems of Nigeria for 2 whole days –
when he now became the president saddled with the responsibility of keeping the country united, as he alleged he discussed with Ojukwu, he now sidelined the Easterners.

Having stoked the embers of the agitation, he now recognizes in his speech that we all have legitimate concerns, encouraging free speech in one hand and taking freedom of expression in another. Furthermore unleashing the army to clamp down on activist, writers and genuine agitators on social media.

Finally calling all Nigerians to eschew our petty differences and face our common challenge of economic and political evolution – which he put us into at the first place,and which we Nigerians are trying to help him out,rather than be sober we are now been tagged as mischief makers. Such an irony if I will say and permit me to use these adage in my place that says “when the gods wants to destroy someone the first make the person mad”which is exactly what the presidency seems to be suffering from. A party that rode to power through social media via propaganda, hate speech and mockery of the ex-president now wants to crush free speech, they should think again! Because free speech remains our human right, whether they like it or not, is an intrinsic good,so banning hate speech which is ignorant and terrifying but without violence, is as if goverment is trying to silence opposing views. As the presidency continues to furnish us with lies of the presidents office being infested by rats, him working from home and the federal executive council being postponed on the argument that it should not be a weekly affair, more so that the president received the SGF and NIA report is the most laughable excuse for the month. Let the presidency be mindful that you can only full a man once, let alone a country always, Nigerians gave them an opportunity to reveal the presidents health status, as passionate as we are a country would have allowed him to stay in london and take care of his health, eventhough he told Yaradua of blessed memory to resign. The presidency should stop playing us for a Banana repulic, one which is made up of a stratified social class,usually a greater poor working class and a rulling class composed of business, political and military elite made up of oligarchs controlling the political and economic sector-simply put a servile dictatorship that abets and supports exploitation and ruddiness. Have I crossed the redline here? For my readers in case you dont see my friday weekly publication by next week know that I might have crossed the red line as the army is now monitoring the social media and reading my article right now. But don’t despair it will be to my benefit because they will end up making me a hero as they did to Nnamdi Kanu, thereby fastening these my political aspiration that I have been planning,lucky me i might actually come out of prison to rule. What am i saying we all need our country to move forward, playing games with our intelligence and clamp down on hate speech as a guise to gag opposing views wont help us rather it takes to non democracies like China and North Korea and of recent a precursor to the Arab spring

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