The presidential media chat was aimless, pointless and a waste of time.

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Immediately i got wind of the chat yesterday, the first thing i did was to figure out the time because i was excited that it was going to be engaging and fun at the same. But the truth is, none of those two words i thought of were in the chat. It was boring and full of irrelevant questions and answers. All i saw was a president whose mouth was shaking and a panellist that sometime appeared as if all questions has dried up from the universe. I don’t know about those of you who watched it, but for me, it was a show of shame and national harassment.

President Jonathan said that as a human being he has opinions as well as interest, but that the interest of the people matters more to him than his own interest. He went further by saying that his administration does not accommodate any minister or top government official including the senate president, who doesn’t do their job. Now for me, i saw this as a hilarious statements coming from the person of President Jonathan. Ever since he became president, his greatest target has been how not to disappoint top government officials, most especially, the senate president he particularly mentioned.

Part of what the president indirectly told us yesterday during the chat was that fuel price will go above N110 come 2013. To drive home my point yesterday, before the start of the chat, i had to throw in a bet that the president must bring up the tenure issue and he did. He said 4 years is a very short time for a president to make an impact. What exactly does that supposed to mean? Given a motive, means and an opportunity, any man will do well within a 4 year period, Mr President has both three of them, so why can’t he deliver?

Immediately the twitter handle for the presidential media chat was made public, i repeatedly twitted five set of questions, hoping that at least one of them will find its way through for Mr President to respond to, but it never did, instead they were busy reading out questions that the presidential social network team were sending.

Mr president said the responsibility of his administration is to provide job in the country not to reduce poverty, that single statement on its own shows that he has failed. I think i now agree with a reporter who said that since he got to know the president, he has been a man that runs away from his problems. He refuse to mention the masked Islamic vigilante on the loose, who go about cutting and blowing people up.

Those that conducted that media chat are bunch of incompetent individuals who fear presidential power instead of the masses power. They were too scared to ask the right question or to be persuasive in getting the answers the Nigerian masses were looking out for.

President Jonathan openly lied to Nigerians. The media chat with Mr President was absolutely pointless and a total waste of time.

We all have made the mistake of getting Jonathan to the villa, lets not make a second mistake of getting him or anyone like him there again.