The radio Biafra vs the statement of Mr Uchenna Nwankwo

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One thing i don’t clearly understand is the attitude of some people never seeing anything good in others, or trying to bring down the success of other people.

News by the NAN has it that Radio Biafra has been established to broadcast from London, with the single aim of setting free the largely misinformed public of tyrannical rule of a cabal of ill-educated and institutionally corrupt men and women, and the sponsored sectarian killings directed against Christian Southerners living in Northern Nigeria.

On this note, Mr Uchenna Nwankwo, Chairman Ndigbo Council for National Coordination, stated that the issues the founders of the Radio Biafra station claimed they want to campaign about are already being widely and freely discussed, analyzed and canvassed in the Nigerian media without anybody being molested over his or her utterances…he went on to ask the need for the establishment of such a station. I want to answer him by letting him know that as long as you meet the criteria for establishing a radio station, you have the right to open one and give it any name of your choice. There are many radio and television stations out there that still discuss issues which has been freely analyzed and canvassed in many other media without any form of molestation. There are the BBC Hausa broadcasting from London, as well as the Megaphone and Mouthpiece for the Arewa, why then will that of the Igbo be a controversy?

I feel its a big shame for Mr Uchenna to agree to be sponsored on such a path. Why on earth will he say there are no indigenous people of Biafra when many of her sons and daughters still populate the earth surface and are largely the force with which the world picks shape? Any Igbo man or woman that wants Biafra buried is blind, selfish and enslaved…Every real and bonafide Igbo person would desire the resurrection of Biafra, even those that were born many many years after the war.

One thing is certain, whether or not Mr Uchenna Nwankwo joins the cause with the founders of the station makes no difference. He is free to make his thought known but he should not insult the Igbos for what they stand for. After, has anyone killed Rtd General Danjuma for calling Nigeria a failed state… Or persecuted the NSA boss for his declaration…

If Mr Uchenna wants a cheap fame, nobody is asking him not to go grab one. If he wrote so he can earn his daily bread from his northern godfathers, i am not persecuting him…but the question to answer is for how long is he willing to live like this?