The Real Trouble With Nigeria

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The Real Trouble With Nigeria

In 1983, late professor chinua achebe wrote a book and titled it “The Trouble With Nigeria”. In that book, the late professor boldly captured schematically, in an enumerateable fashion, some of the big issues that Nigeria and Nigerians face as a nation. Issues that if were to be well considered by the ruling elites then, even today, could and would build true national unity in the country.

Professor chinua achebe stated categorically, in a specific manner, that there’s nothing wrong with the Nigerian soil, water nor climate. Nothing wrong with the people whatsoever, but the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure in leadership. That failure referred to in way back 1983 by the late professor, is what we still experience today.

My piece is a continuation of the true revelations of the prophecy of late professor chinua achebe, as inscribed in his 1983 book to Nigeria. The real trouble with Nigeria as i see it today, in my own time and age, is simply and squarely a failure in leadership and a failure in followership. Nigerian leaders have proved in all standard, that they are incapable of change. There rampaging characteristics dynamism in corruption, massive electoral offenses as well as the illegality of their practices, modelled in their prolonged impunity with a great touch of modern corruption, is an evidence to this assertion. A routine epidemic practice that have enslaved the entire african nation.

For the followers, their silence over the years signifies an acceptance to the unrewarding practice of their leaders. They stood by and watch while the future of their unborn children are been stolen away right in front of their eyes and they do nothing but complain. Complain to the same people who steals it. They speak to them of the importance of one Nigeria bonded in unity yet they share everything through federal character. The Igbo man say the problem is the man from the North, the Hausa man say is the man from the West and the Yoruba man say it’s either of these two but not them. A division created by leaders who have read them like books and understand how every page in them works.

There are many things Professor Achebe would have loved to see in his live time as a Nigerian. He would have loved to run on good roads in Nigeria, enjoy uninterruptible power supply, participate in an election that’s free of rigging and violence, have a taste of good governance under democratic rule etc., but he died an unsatisfied man as his vision of a great Nigeria wasn’t made possible by those in power.

One thing is very certain, that nothing will change until the followers change their dirty characters and realize that they are simply considered as nothing before their leaders, and strive to take back their country by all means necessary.