The release of Al-Mustapha, the secret politics.

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The name “Al-Mustapha” by now is no longer a name that needs definition in Nigeria. The sins and atrocities committed by the bearer of that name is one that cannot and should not be forgiven even in generations to come. Sentiments apart, Al-Mustapha deserves a death sentence.

A gymnastical trial from one court room to another, from one Judge to another, has finally sent once more, a maniac to the street, no thanks to President Jonathan. Yes you heard me, President Jonathan. Ever since his appetite of retaining the presidential seat come 2015 grew bigger, he’s out to do anything, even if it means selling the nation, to get back there. During President Obasanjo’s administration, Al-Mustapha’s case was brought up for review, with pledges for his release on account of giving Obasanjo the third term ticket which he accepted but unfortunately for him, the pressure from the public was too hot and high for his ascension, he failed and fell like a pack of card. Today, President Jonathan has freed him to please the Northerners only so he could win their heart in preparation for 2015 election.

On what ground was he released? Is it on the grounds that there was no evidence to the crimes he committed? Or is on the ground that the evidence wasn’t compelling enough to sentence him? Even Al-Mustapha himself agreed that he’s guilty of the count charges against him, he asked categorically that his “Ghana-Must-Go” bags in Abacha barrack be released so he can as well help in fishing out some of today’s big men and women who were part of the big secret in Late Gen. Sani Abacha’s regime (check the OPUTA Panel case on Al-Mustapha).

The lives that were wasted under the instruction and personal execution of Al-Mustapha can never be redeemed today; their love ones still weep for them and ask that JUSTICE prevail, that justice has been denied them by the single action of President Jonathan.

The people of this country have endured so much pain. They have been told so much lies and lived under the secret of many untold truths. On a space of two years, President Jonathan has enabled crime, promoted unemployment, freed the world’s most dangerous murderer and put Nigeria at the mercy of international policies. These are not the people of Nigeria deserve. These are not what we want to see come 2015. If the like of Al-Mustapha can be allowed to go free after what he did, then Nigeria for now, is a place where every negativity is condoned and all criminals/murderers becomes the freest of men.