The Role of the Church & Daddy freeze -By Nneka Okumazie

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The failures of governments across Nigeria robbed people of the ability to think beyond the government for important solutions in the country. The government is often condemned and criticized but many still expect solutions from them.

Government has several resources and responsibilities, but their failures – term after term – is an indicator that if Nigeria will develop, real stuff has to be motivated from elsewhere or done from others.

That is, major solutions addressing major problems, or solutions that takes on major problems – directly – from another angle; then improvement, to buffer against resistance.

However, government has failed and projects rarely take on major problems or thoughtful enough towards major solution, so the inclination is nonsense projects plus finding who else to blame or condemn – so the Church, for the confused seems to be it.

Their expectation is that the Church becomes a direct conduit or charity for national development – not the mission or vision of the Church.

Philanthropy Church

The myth of doing something and making a lot of noise about it – thinking it is everything – also robbed people of the ability to do general solutions, or models that will become actual progress.

Philanthropy is not what brings development, not in a community or even in a country, so because a Church is not doing the same project like something announced elsewhere does not mean the Church is not serving its purpose.

Daddy freeze thinks he could guilt the Church into responsibility for development or blames for the irresponsibility of government, but he’s only seeking attention and knows nothing about development, or Faith, or usefulness to real change.

His purpose in life is to criticize Churches and Pastors – pathetically as the sole path for his parasitic fame.

A free school somewhere does not solve the education problem in Nigeria. If the purpose of a school is to be free without the necessary lanes to smartness, it is no different from what people say is the problem of education in Nigeria.

Sensible debates

What roles can the Church play for better and more impactful education across Nigeria? Is a better question than why are Churches not building free schools?

What projects can Church universities do within their power as knowledge institutions that can help to drive development in Nigeria? Is a better question than why are Church universities not affordable for every member?

What projects on agriculture can the Church support, through a social program or still with their Universities and with industry partners for the broader goal of reducing hunger and starvation across Nigeria? Is a better question than saying, even if people are being fed, why not?

How can Churches find a way to get something out for electricity solutions, through partner innovations, for broader solutions, not some tiny renewable project or little else, is a better thinking than saying Churches are responsible for all kinds of poverty.

In the areas of purported strength where daddy freeze is supposed to shine to his supporters who celebrate his foolishness, he displays thoughtfulness disability – at an advanced grade.

Just build free schools, of course there are free schools, whether by organizations or government or Churches or others, but what Nigeria needs is better education that can make intellects catch fire for passion for solutions. But NO, for daddy freeze free schools are the solution.

In the strongest of debates the question continues to be how to have quality education that can make the difference. What model will work? How will it be run? What are the results to expect? What kinds of tests? No one is talking about free school, something already in abundance but not useful towards the goal. Neither is anyone looking at pricing first, but the path to getting it right as foremost.

Unaffordability of Church Universities by all members is not a failure of the Church if the purpose is not to have a cheap school.

It surely looks bad, but there are roles the schools can play that will be far reaching and more impactful than just a school where anyone can attend producing graduates that think like daddy freeze – who understand nothing about the most obvious things but thinks criticism means smartness.

The Role of the Church

The true Church is a place of Faith, Hope and Worship. The Church is focused on personal development, character development, mind stability, and soul’s prosperity. The Church is also commanded to win souls, and to grow.

The Church is a family, and is also a community. True Churches ensures that assembling of the brethren is not forsaken. True Churches are NOT business centers. Tithe is NOT a scam. Sowing an offering or seed offering is not a scam. Offerings are not a scam. Prayers work. Faith works. Prayer does not say don’t make moves. True fasting is potent. The Holy Spirit gives instructions. Jesus Christ commanded evangelism. There are those who are truly born again, and ensure to live in righteousness.

Those who believe otherwise and continue to chorus that they have found the truth are delusional. They only found their choice and they are free to embrace it, but their agitation to sow doubts in hearts is worthless and reveals their struggles with folly.

The level of reversal that the thinking of daddy freeze is – is extraordinary. It points to being under some influence.

The only weapon daddy freeze has is confusion. Many think it is knowledge, he only repeats nonsense – enough, until he feels people will accept it as the truth. He said only one Church gave to Apostle Paul – false!

He distorts the Scriptures all the time, and conflicts the role of the Church too, exposing him as a fame hungry – complete – empty vessel. He’s only using his supporters who are helping to fuel his ego, and it seems his happiness is tied to criticizing Churches.

Such a shame, such a waste; a man who thinks he knows, making noise from week to week, useless to himself, useless to his supporters, useless to anything he associates himself with, useless to contribution to knowledge, useless to society and useless to the future.