The Shame Called National Television Authority, NTA.

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People no longer air their opinionistic views on topical national issues, for the fear of been brand “BOUGHT”. Truth is, i really don’t care what anyone will say or think about me concerning this write up, no one can really PAY me.

As a little child growing up, i watched a local network television -the NTA, with the most weird musical sound and colorlessly uncreative logo brand, uninspiring and non-impact programmes that limited the idealistic mindset of the young Nigerian child. The center of her attraction was the government of the day and her priority was the promotion of false news from the government of the day and the continued deceit of the Nigerian people. That center of attraction and that promotion of false news, as well as that colorless uncreative logo brand, uninspiring and non-impact programmes did not fade away with the event of time, despite the tremendous changes that took place with the advent of technology. It followed us as we grew, even to this present day.

Other countries National Televisions, aside focusing on the promotion of the country’s values, and trumpetting the inventions and creations of the citizens to the rest of the world, they also help to hype the country’s opportunity for investments. But this particular one in Nigeria don’t think any of this functions is of importance to it. It rather prefer the pursuit of politicians and the dissemination of false news from the government.

If it were to be in the United States that over 200 school girls were abducted and taking away by members of a sect, the likes of CNN, FOX News etc., will be on top of it, reporting and analysing the entire situation in a manner that will make them look STRONGER before friends and foes alike. For 28 days, the #AbujaFamily of #BringBackOurGirls has sat at the Unity Fountain, under rain or sunshine, sitting in solidarity with the abducted girls whose home is now in the forest, with a singularity of purpose which is for the government to #BringBackOurGirls Now and Alive. Not once, have the NTA visited the scene to cover what’s going on and to hear from the group, why they have continued to sit out.
Couple of days ago, government officials PROCURED a large crowd of over 2,000 people, with a pay of N2,500. They assembled themselves at the Eagles Square, NTA was around to capture/cover the process. But not once have they covered the #AbujaFamily because they’re in alignment with the government and they believe that this particular group, is fighting the government and preventing them from doing their job, whatever that is.

Every year, NTA buys new equipments, modern gadgets that equals the very ones Cable News Network(CNN) uses to generate those magnificent clips you see every now and then but the question is, why does NTA’s clips still looks like an amateur clip generated by amateur camera man and editor? The answer to this question is simple, they buy and keep them in their store room, no one ever touches it and their programmes never changes nor improves because they are busy pursuing the politicians and doing the biddings of the government, nothing more.

Until NTA still doing the right things and getting the right people on boards, decades to come, it will still remain just the way it is.





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  1. Wonderfully brief write up. I can't remember the last time i sat down and watched Nta. My dad and i, back in the middle 90s and early 2000s, use to watch 9 o' clock news regularly. The thing is, their Production is so poor, both audio and visual quality are all below average. Don't know when they are going to change, the rest of the world are moving on while NTA are going backwards. God help us.

    November 12, 2014 at 11:12 am