The two labour markets in the world today: The job market and the husband market.

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Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd

Back in the days, say some 10, 15 years ago, labour market means just one thing to almost everyone in the world – in a simple term, an open market where jobs are sought for by those who do not have any. Flash forward, 20 years today, that definition has changed and changed in every bit of it. Today, the labour market is divided into two parts, the job seekers market and the husband’s seekers market.

The job seekers market never stops growing, in fact, in Africa alone it is statistically placed around 58% while that of some European and non-European nations averaged around 45%, put together to around 64% of unemployed people all over the world today. However, in this large number, in as much as the rate of growth in the job seekers market is not just alarming but disturbing, the husband’s seekers market is suddenly overtaking it by 10% worldwide. The question you may ask is if this something to be worried about.

Averagely, eight out of every ten ladies out there, whether or not they have a job, wants to get married and very fast at that. Most of these ladies in age strata around 20, 23, 25, 28, 32, 40 etc. It is not a Nigerian thing nor is it an African thing; it’s all around the world. I spoke with a young lady who recently turned 18 few days ago, in the middle of our discussion, she told me that if she do see, according to her, a “willing man”, she will get married and be done with the market. Now you’d ask, what market was she referring to, the labour market or the husband’s market? Your guess is as good as mine.

You ask a lady out in week one, she plays around and finally agrees to date you in week three, not week two, in week four, she’s looking at you from the outside to spot the difference from her ‘unique man’, and then in week five, she feels she has familiarized herself enough with you and then BEM!, she ask what your intention with her is, in week six. The intention she’s referring to is MARRIAGE. Now the thing is, what kind of a man will want to marry a woman he just met in less than five weeks? The unknowns are far too much and the surprises that will come after such marriage will be explosive.

Many say because the number of women to men in the world is mind blowing but that’s not it, you see, when you outwardly show frustration in your dealings, you are certain to lose control of the situation. Most ladies out there are over frustrated, they think they might never get a man to marry them and for that, they are pushing it too far, even scaring the men away from them. Getting a good man or woman is like a business, you have to strategize, map out your plan and follow it gently.

The figure today is alarming, if ladies can losing up, things will get a lot more easier for them and the men they are looking for.