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Trending on the web since the evening of yesterday, is the traded fallacy of Alex Preston, what many termed the “POLITICS INSPIRED ARTICLE”.

Alex Preston over the years in his career, has ascended to a respectful threshold of reputation, one built on the luadable Edinburgh Festival Readers’ First Book Award -a local awarding body that recognizes in-house achievements. He’s a radio voice for the BBC and from findings, has done well for himself in that area. Be that as it may, does all this, make him an authority in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja? I don’t think so! It is based on this ground, that the concession of the fallacy was made whole.

If i had read that article of his without seeing some of the things that i saw there, some of those untrue analysis of the Federal Capital Territory -Abuja, i would have wondered how the hell he managed to fair in the ‘creativity of fictional writing’ as well as ‘imaginative thinking’. Alex confessed that he had only SPENT three days in Abuja (“i had been in Abuja for three days -about two-and-a-half too many…”), is three days or in his case, two-and-a-half, an ampul time to become a MASTER of Abuja historical settings or to authoritatively speak in the said matter? Where did he get his fact from, Attah the friend that he spoke of?

Yes i agree that those who took the affairs of this nation under their control has failed over and over again; i agree even though not stated in your article Alex, that Nigeria, not just a part of it (Abuja for instance), should by now be compared with countries like China, Russia, Japan, US and others in such categories; I also agree in a whole lot of things that needs to be done not just in Abuja, but other States in Nigeria but one thing that i don’t agree is Abuja being a “CHARMLESS” city, your word. Every city including London, New York or Washington, has its suburbs. More than certain i am, that you know Abuja is more than you imagined from the wrong impressions you’ve been given before you entered Nigeria.

I read on with keen attention, to hear your reason for labelling the capity city, Abuja as a ‘STOLEN’ land but till the very end of your article, i never saw that reason. This is a generated fallacy and to also correct the wrong notion you have on the name itself, Abuja is never a ‘Gwari’ word, it is a combination of the first names from the two Gwari elders “Abubakar and Jatau” the then spoke persons for the original inhabitants of the region, and more importantly, every land in Nigeria, is under the province of the Federal government by law, so no land was STOLEN.

Abuja alone is not the only work in progress, Nigeria as a country is a work in progress just like every other country of the world today. And we, the Nigerian people know about the thriving corruption amongst our elites and are doing something about it, maybe not showing but only time will tell.




  1. Nonsense correction…..accept the truth and the truth shall set you free. I lived right here in Abuja and i tell you that there is nothing charming about Abuja, is it the unkept millenuim park, or the bushy and empty lands that surrounds the city itself, or the uncompleted buildings in every ten minutes drive or the disturbing church and business handbills all over the walls of many streets…etc. from his article he was trying to tell you that the originl owners of the present day modern city were not fully compensated rather chased away from their original territory to the moutains, and for the fact that they were not legally rather forced out of their land makes the land a stolen land. abi you think say GEJ go dash you money? #nonsense

    Napex Hegold Godswill
    October 20, 2013 at 1:08 pm