The wrong application of religion and religious practices: A case of Muslim indiscipline

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Without minsing words, I am almost practically sure that a lot of people who are going to be reading this article will turn it into a religious contest, if not a violent one. Be that as it may, it is imperative that we institute the harbit of speaking the truth irrespective of who it hurts. Over and over again, I have tried to desuade many minds from accussing the Muslims of indescency, naivity, ignorant and societal/civil backwardness but, it appears that the more I do so the more I am pointed to signs that approves their theory.

My point is going to be drawn from just one aspect of the nuclous, “Muslims general conduct during prayer”. I am quite sure that this is not just my experience alone, most of you, the Muslims inclusive, must have also experienced this at one time or another in a cross-section of this country. I am not entirely certain if same practice is obtainable outside the shores of this country or if they exhibit same characteristic inappropriateness when they travel to Mecca and other holy places. it is highly unethical and universally wrong to inconvenience others  in order to commune with your God.

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Ealier today, whiile on my way to one of the Northern parts of the country, around 2:00pm, we came across hords of Muslim faithfuls who barricaded an entire major road in order to pray. While this prayer of theirs was going on, we and other road users were seating in our various cars waiting, waiting for them to finish up and leave the road so we can continue our journey.

In as much as I blame these people, who by the way are old enough to know what is right from what is wrong, the people I blame the more are their Imams, their Mallams, those who teaches them the Quaran. These are the people who are supposed to tell them to stop blocking the ways while coming for prayers. Not telling them means that they support and encourage it. Come to think of it, who prays on the streets or major high ways? No one could be wrong when or if they say the Muslims are looking for trouble where there is none.

It has already become a regular practice for them, more like a harbit. Their little ones also goes with them to block the way. What that tells me is that when they grow old or even older, they will no longer see it as something bad since they have been doing it from childhood. They will encourage their children to go stand in front of moving cars to pray hoping that the car drivers will stop for them.

If the FG don’t do something now that the situation still looks settle, time will come in this country when it will become a problem and a conflict.