There are no rules only opportunities, so why not here?

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There were times I used to be crazy about America, times I often dream of going to America, schooling and working in America(which of course means, labouring in America), not just America by the way, overseas in general. In this line thought, am certainly aware that am not alone, even now, there are individuals who toil day and night only to get a chance of travelling abroad.

Some of them that I have met over the years, confuse themselve with thoughts like, am going to America to seek a greener pasture, a land where with one hustling I can get everything I want in life and blablabla. They probably think that dollars are layed all over the streets and avenues of America.

For me it was more like nothing is possible down here in my country, that I can’t make it if not in America. But what surprises me then is that when I ask some of the whites around me what brought them to my country Nigeria, they tell me of how amazing the opportunities in Nigeria are, how lucky they are to have come to this great giant of Africa, how they will not just find their huge break, but make enough money that will make them as great as the country itself promises.

From what I have come to gather so far and from my own personal experience, the opportunities in Nigeria, the opportunities in Africa, are far more better than whatever opportunity you think exist in Europe or anywhere else in the world. Have you wondered why some of your friends who travel abroad have not yet returned home for years? Have you tried to find out what sort of live style they live over there? What there nature of work or job is? What they have been able to achieve while they are there and compare it with what you have achieved back here? In case you’ve not, I suggest you open up whatever search engine you are using and begin to make that research right now.

I could give you specific reasons, point-on-board facts why you don’t need to travel out of Nigeria to hit it big but am not going to do that because I know you are smart and will not fail to take the opportunities that fly you roof all day.

If I know nothing about many who has gone to countries outside Africa, country like America to be precise, know it for a fact that they often come back broken, unsatisfied, unaccomplished and wasted. Only very few, make it from the tunnel. The only good opportunity you have around you is you.