This is the age of Intellectual War and Shared Information -By J. Ezike

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Indeed, during the long years of divisive debates in Nigeria over what constitutes the reasonable accommodation of human rights and civil protests, “military intimidation” and “forced order” has “always” served as the convenient covers for the strangling of “intellectual dissents” by “One Nigerianists” who view any difference in opinion as a threat.  Despite continuous agitations for Independence Referendum by non-Igbo speaking collectives since the impact of revolutionary protests from Biafra land emerged, none of those regions have been subjected to the same “premier persecution” dimmed fit to be launched on Igbo soil.

A litany of disturbing footages, blog posts and tweets showing convoys of anti-Igbo cavalries, security juntas, and Fulani military commandos swarming round their guns has continued to pile up since the proposed strike action of “September 14” got underway. Britain – temperamentally defaulted to be manipulative, in its usual “Machiavelique” demeanor continues “shamelessly” to exude its “Dark Triad” and to push the limit of what any true “civilized society” would consider as an “affront to democracy” and a “cynical disregard for morality.”


J. Ezike


Undoubtedly, the British government’s “psychopathic craftiness” makes it an “immoral asset” to the Nigerian government’s genocidal campaigns and episodic Python Dance Operations in Igbo Land which are no more than overtures to a second civil war. Then again, the “depraved old slave master” has refused to “blow the whistle of caution” and is urging his mad dogs to lunge for another fatal bite.

What we are witnessing before our very own eyes is an unannounced, unofficial, preliminary Operation Python Dance part 3, in all its hideousness and insignificance. And by some staged coincidence, this British-engineered “tyrannical politics” inevitably rear its ugly head on yet another September month of the year. It would amount to “careless reasoning” to dismiss the siege as an “impromptu counteract.” This is all part of the action points on Britain’s supposed “mercy mission to Nigeria.” The offensive scripts to nix the legitimacy of self-determination within Nigeria are reeling right in front of us.

For didactic purpose, let me refresh our memories back to the era of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade as a proof that what transpired then, isn’t dissimilar to what is happening now.

During those “forced migrations” of Africans on slave voyages, a brutal show of power was adopted by the “captain” to send a pall of terror on the “enslaved majority” and to contain any verbal or physical resistance. What the captain would do in practical terms was to organize a “spectacle” whereby a small number of people (the enslaved minority) would be randomly executed, in extremely vicious “Third Reich” Blood Fest.

Such operations proved quite skillful enough to terrorize the “intimidated majority” of the slaves, forced to view this “spectacle” completely awash with blood in the aftermath of each “ceremonial slaughtering” fashioned to suppress revolt. This is exactly what the British government and the Sokoto Caliphate are expressing and demonstrating with the serial Military Operations in Igbo land.

With the official genocidal murders and unlawful arrests and detention of unarmed Igbo activists, catholic priests and intellectual dissenters through Python Dance and other sleuth military operations, Britain and the Sokoto Caliphate are literarily sending a message saying: “This will be your fate, if you resist us.”

This is not only an “anti-democratic measure” but also “a 16th century savagery brutality” for “sugar production.”

Inadvertently, the primitive premise offers a way to denude Britain’s veneer of civility. It is obvious that the present crop of leaders in the House of Commons and Lords, in the palace of Westminster are still stuck in 1967. In this age, in this time, the new generation of Biafrans who do not care about Ojukwu or Nzeogu or Ifeajuna, will realize Biafra Independence by general vote on a single political question.

Theresa May should be reminded that things have changed. This is the age of Intellectual War and Shared Information. We are not “jokers” but fully fledged “revolutionaries” mentally impregnated with an “ideology” that cannot be corrupted or contained by any form of colonial politics, federal assault and military intimidation. We are unapologetic in the intellectual defense of our universal rights to self-determination, to civil disobedience which we opt to demonstrate on the 14th of September 2018.