Three Lions of England, Failure of Manchester United.

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Three lions of england and the failure of manu

Lions are known for their might in battle, little wonder why they are called the king of the jungle even in the presence of larger animals like the elephant. But the same cannot be said for the English national team that goes by the name “three lions”. England won the world cup in 1966, and till date that have remained their only achievement on the world stage, which is of course the period when the world was still reeling from the war and lacked concentration, in addition to fewer countries being involved in the tournament at the time. In spite of this glaring facts, United Kingdom still refer themselves “the originator of sports” and I ask where is Greeks place in the history of the game?

Over the years the English FA, relevant and concerned stakeholders have searched and are still researching the core problem keeping the three lions from competing effectively on the world stage, against the big boys in the game for the past five decades. The simple reason to this glaring fact is in the lack of quality and over hyped players scattered all over England. The English players have also failed to compete with the foreign players in their respective club-side hence, some have resulted in incessant nagging and the English fans’ voices intimidation on the club managers.

I will not be among those to stand against fans calling for the head of Tom Cleverly, the Manchester United midfield player, who have contributed immensely to the current state of the English champions. Over fifteen thousand English fans have signed their consent that Cleverly must not join the party in Brazil for the FIFA show piece going down in the summer, the world cup. Because more than ever before they have seen what a scam the lad is to the game of football.

Over-hyping of players by the English media is killing their national team and in retrospect affecting UK clubs performance in tournaments like the UEFA league. Raising a man above his pay grade because he’s English will only mean when he starts falling he definitely crash and burn, and this has been the bane of English players –the make-believe is very high which raises the expectation of fans and ends with disappointment. With all the rave reviews at the moment, the Luke Shaw kid, is been touted the next big thing in world of football just for a season performance in a club like Southampton. Recall Wayne Rooney was compared to the legendary Argentine player, Pele. To the extent the English fans were brain washed into calling Rooney “White Pele” after ten years of the spectacle he had against Arsenal FC, Wayne Rooney, 28, is still to show the world how good he is when compared to his likes abroad.

Which English player can be compared to their counterparts abroad, is it Jack Wilshere? Who was compared with Andres Iniesta of Barcelona. Players like: Phil Jones, Tom Cleverly, Chris Smalling, Micheal Carrick, Ashely Young, Danny Welbeck, Rio Ferdinand, and other English players are the ones killing Manchester United with their lack of true quality. These players have no business in a club like United, managers have fallen to the pressure of playing these mediocre English players to the detriment of their job otherwise, can someone explain to me why a player like Young, Welbeck and the rest keep playing in the first eleven ahead of quality like Chicharito and Kagawa. Ferguson said “Steven Gerrard is not a world class player” and I totally agree because all what the man does is wait for penalties to score and be called a legend.

I still maintain that England three lions are going to world cup to make up the number and may be eliminated in the group stage. England is grouped along side nations like; Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay, which of these nations can they beat?