To whom it may concern -By Issa Ahmed Babatunde

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In the memory of those we lost not to death but to myopic circumstances, this experience cannot even be conveyed in million words but will share it best way I can. You can be sure of nothing else in life except the fact that things will always change.

You ever seen a picture of that special person that used to be so close to you and remember everything you had together, the future you thought was going to fall in place for both of you.

The late night chats, video calls, and phone calls. The up and down moments that was supposed to break you but instead made you better together especially the good and bad, things you did to make things right, Awwww! it’s all becoming just a memory as the presence of that one person is quietly and gently fading off from your life due to circumstances.

Where we come from, love is not enough to keep us together so many other things has to fall in place, green light from the right parties is enormous, it’s beyond two people in love, willing to spend the rest of their lives together, even same religion doesn’t get you a nod.

Now you trying to settle for less and just be a friend but your heart won’t permit you, insomnia has set in as you still struggling on how to stop each other from your dreams every night so you’d rather stay awake and during the day as you are  shy of your thoughts.

The last few days has been crazy, things have changed, It’s always best to make changes in one’s life when one choose to rather than being forced to.

Change is inevitable, life changes constantly whether it grows or decays, our misery came from our expectations that things will remain the same and that nothing good will never change.

Relationships evolves over time, some fade away but ours grew stronger even when it became obvious we were pathing way.

My silence doesn’t mean i abandoned you partner, i  just want  you to Pick a lane and stick to it. Make up your mind on what you  want for yourself and don’t keep  happiness waiting. Live life and enjoy!!

Just be careful with your excuses when making a choice, they are very expensive… they could cost you all of your opportunities and never let your fear decide your future.

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is fine You’ll be disappointed repeatedly, that’s the nature of this world, learn to look beyond life disappointments and you will see everything is fine.

Who says the beautiful ones are not yet born? The person haven’t met her yet, in my dictionary I will name her as perfection, is it the innocence of her heart or the purity of her soul, not forgetting that smile of hers than can pause the world…

A pious, devout, believing, true lady who is patient and constantly humbles herself, A woman who gives charity and guards her chastity. I have never seen a woman more advanced in religious piety than her, more God-conscious, more truthful, more alive to the ties of blood, more generous and having more sense of self-sacrifice in practical life and having more charitable disposition, hope this few words describe you a bit.

I deal with reality, not fiction. Sure, the perfect woman doesn’t exist but she seems perfectly perfect.

She lowers her gaze and guard her modesty; most times she make attempts to hide her attractions (which includes her external beauty as well as your internal charms), vibrant reasons that makes it difficult to let go of her are some of this precious qualities.

Saying goodbye seems almost impossible, I don’t even know if I can even if I will, there shouldn’t be a good in good-bye but I can only Relax, breathe deeply and realize that life is a continual cycle of beginnings and endings. Right now, the end of a cycle, represents a time to embrace.

We cannot change anything until we are willing to let go of what once was, and move forward. When we are stuck, nothing changes. We continue the same old habits, the same old ways of thinking, the same ways of being, hoping that somehow, something will be different.

Doing the same things, continually hoping for a different outcome is the very definition of insanity. When we continue repeating the same patterns, the same behaviors, and the same choices, nothing can change the outcome.

If we want a different ending, then we should write a different story.