Uganda And The Reverted Anti-Gay Law

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Uganda And The Reverted Anti-Gay Law
Recently, the Constitutional Court in Uganda reverted the Anti-Homosexuality law passed by the Ugandan Parliament in February this year. Under this law, those found guilty are to face LIFE IMPRISONMENT with no chance of fine whatsoever. This action by the Parliament attracted international outcry and sanctions from a majority of the Western nations as well as the United Nations. The panel of judges in the apex court declared the anti-homosexuality law invalid after they cited improper Parliamentary procedure in the ruling.

Considering the circumstance for which the law was overturned, it is absolutely clear that the upper house of the Uganda’s Parliament is divided against itself and, the people, the ordinary Ugandan people have limited knowledge of the dangers of the overturn which translates to the allowance of gayism. Some of the top government officials wants the continuation of foreign aid, they want the sanctions from the United States, the United Kingdom as well as the United Nations to be lifted. They rather live with something that isn’t part of them, something that insults their way of life and rub mud on their dignity, than stand up to Western powers.

Having a WORLD where a man sleeps with, or marries a fellow man, where a woman sleeps with, or marries a fellow woman, will be equal to having a world that’s near destruction from God. The West can afford to live with such kind of lifestyle because they’re already damaged but Africans cannot and will not. It is in the West not in Africa, that a child will open fire on his fellow college students in the name of being depressed. It is in the West not in Africa, that people go naked in public places and children call their parents STUPID and SILLY. Africans are people of refined creation and they mind themselves before God.

President Yoweri Musaveni MUST refuse to yield to the Western forces and work towards the liberation of his people from eternal damnation that allowing the practice of gayism will subject them to. Today the American government, United Nations as well as some other Western powers, accuse Russia of violating the rights of the Ukrainian citizens, but on the other hand, they are violating the right and sovereignty of African nations who want to live a life free of atrocity.

They will keep on pushing for same-sex marriage in Africa, but we will never allow it, we must all fight the scourging disease and shameful lifestyle with everything we’ve got.

May God bless Africa and save her from the devils.