Uncommon Lessons From A Seemingly Common Man -By Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

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A commercial bike man told me the other day that he is able to save N2000 every day.
I asked if he works on Sundays. He said no, but he still saves N2000 on Sundays.
Now I had to ask, “How?”

He replied, “Apart from the 2k of the day, from Monday to Saturday, I set aside N500, N300, to make up that N2000 for Sunday. By Saturday, it is complete and I keep it as Sunday savings”.

Wow! I gasped. How come most others complain that they don’t make much from this?
He said, “They don’t understand how to do the job to maximise profit”.

He told me his target is to save up to own an Airport Taxi where he can make N10,000 from a single ride. How much this man would save in a day by then..?


His usual name is… “Aboki”, but he just taught us “Business Sense”.


Edith Jeff-Okoroafor
Founder and President,
African Youths’ Advancement and Support Initiative- AfriYasi.