Under Whose Watch Borno Became A Fail State, The Politicians Or The Masses? -By Abubakar Saleh Dudu

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Children in an IDP Camp in Maiduguri, Borno State


A state whose people have not been to the farm for the last three or four years, in it all businesses are at standstill? A state whose people are roaming on streets bare footed begging for food? Twenty five of the twenty seven Local Government Councils deliberately domiciled in IDP Camps for political mischiefs? A state whose markets and daily businesses are largely dependent on the monthly salaries of public servants? Whose six of the eight Palaces are not accessible by inhabitants (Emirs)? Whose capital could not be freely accessed either from the south, east and or from north? And today its Civil service salary is becoming a nightmare? Yet you are thinking of waking up its citizenry to move it to the promised land. Please do not be deceived, it must not be with Shettima.

Go back to the drawing board and think of alternative. We, particularly the YOUTHS must think positively and act positively, and STOP praise singing or playing to the gallery. All hands must be on deck to wrestle power from these cabals and its cohorts.  Indeed BORNO is a failed state under KASHIM SHETTIMA.

Abubakar Saleh Dudu. Youths and Media activist wrote in from Maiduguri, Borno State.