Understanding The Issue At Hand -by Peter Njoku

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Understanding The Issue At Hand
Like my Pastor said five(5) years ago, no one, Nigerian or otherwise, would want to die through suicide bombing. Five years ago, life was very sweet but now the sugar in life is been taken away. We are left with no taste all because we have a President that have refused to respond accordingly, to the principles of the changing time that we are in.

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. The changing atmosphere that has generated the unsettling dust in Nigeria today, emanated due to the poor leadership decisions and indecisions of President Goodluck Jonathan. Before Jonathan took office, he promised Nigerians that they will enjoy an endless stream of fresh air, till this very moment, Nigerians are yet to claim that promise.

Boko Haram was born out of hunger and neglect. Year in year out they kept on seeing how their government thrive in adversity due to excessive corruption that have remained stagnant from time immemorial in the country. There’s no sense of belonging in the people anymore and thus, they feel awkward to continue to show patriotism to a country that abandoned them in all area, security, education, job etc.

I remember how I use to beg in Church, praying to God for success in my life, praying this day to come, finally it came. I do not wish to go back there again instead of me going back there, let me go back to my chi. That is the thing.

Make life meaningful for the citizens of Nigeria President Jonathan and Boko Haram will cease to be.