Understanding The Law Of Same Feathers -By Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

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This article is the third of my ‘Understanding the Law’ series, having written the law of process and the law of the lost bread hitherto. The “Understanding the law” series is a compilation of success nuggets I have discovered in my years of studying and observing successful figures across the global space. This ritual of delving into the repository of successful people still constitute an integral part of my daily retinue of activities. This series is unique because I create an anecdote out of the laws to drill the message in properly. This treatise is about “Understanding the law of the same feathers” but as usual I would start with an anecdotal prologue to create a beautiful intrigue around the central message of this article. Back in the year 2002, Senegal football team shocked the entire African football space by qualifying for the final of the African nations cup in Mali.

It was an unprecedented success for the nation Senegal as she defeated the ‘almighty’ super eagles of Nigeria on her road to that epic final, unfortunately Senegal lost the final of that tournament to a stronger Cameroonian side on penalties. The same year, Senegal qualified for her maiden world cup appearance in Korea and Japan, not only did Senegal qualified, but she ensured she drew the attention of the entire football world by ousting France the then defending champion of the world cup and of Europe in the opening game of that tournament, she went all the way to the quarter final even as a first timer before being defeated by turkey. This roller coaster campaign was lead by the pragmatic and charismatic French coach Bruno Metsu.


Kehinde Oluwatosin


Senegal left the world cup with heads raised high,positive reviews coming from football followers across the globe and also a hope of a springboard into bigger success in the future. Bruno Metsu left the team after the world cup after heightened differences with the Senegalese football federation and since his exit, Senegal did not qualify for subsequent world cups before she finally qualified for the 2018 world cup to be held in Russia.She did this in grand style under the leadership of coach Aliou Cissé an integral member of the 2002 world cup success story. On the 5th of march, 2015 Aliou Cissé was appointed as the Senegalese head coach with the mandate to ensure Senegal qualifies for the African nations cup and the world cup respectively, Cissé successfully qualified for the world cup with four wins and two draws gathering a massive 14 points in the process.

I looked at the successful qualification of Senegal for Russia after several years of near misses and ponder on what accounts for the absence of Senegal from the world cup since 2002 and her emergence as part of the 2018 world cup contingents, the only reasonable explanation I have for this is the ‘same feather’ effect; Aliou Cissé was a winner tutored by a winner in Bruno Metsu, the whole Senegalese soap opera was a rejuvenation motivated by an adoption from a tested and trusted system inspired by Bruno Metsu’s tutelage from which Aliou Cissé benefited. Having made it a part of my studying ritual to observe and peruse the life of successful people, one of the things I have discovered in that daily ritual of intellectual rigour is that aside from the rudimentary factors of hard work, grit, perseverance, strong work ethics, those who succeed make it as part of their irrefutable rule to hobnob with winners. Every sane company hires a CEO with an antecedence of success,a developed nation is a result of her consistent leadership supremacy.

At the heart of a thriving church is a winning pastor,a thriving group has a winning leader at the helm of affairs. It is a rule; only winners beget other winners ,the places we aspire to be ,the paradigms we aspire to shift has been shifted by a plethora of predecessors ,ours is to tap into the winners world and also become a winner.

Often time the idiom: “bird of a feather flock together” is applied to disregard shared accommodations and associations that are not productive, looking at the above treatise the idiom represents an applicable mantra through which a dreamer can launch into his winning world by leveraging on the feathers of a winner who has a track record of wining.

Kehinde Oluwatosin B is a prolific writer, public speaker and finance expert from Abeokuta ,Ogun State.