Unholy Alliance: The Conspiracy of the Elites -By Abolaji Adeniran

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Abolaji Adeniran


Prior to and after independent in 1960,Nigeria political elite have continuing to play a major role in the pattern and ways of governance in country. They controls the economy and decides who get what,when and how. They are the omnipresent of the Nigeria state,and most importantly, they are the actors behind corruption, bad governance, terrorism etc in the country.

While their colleagues in the developed world are obsessed with advancing the scope of governance in their country, these elites in Nigeria conspired amongst themselves to monopolized the economy means for their own betterment and that of their families. These groups of men and women are occultic,little wonder, they holds their meetings in the night. It is worthy of note that they constitute less than 10% of the entire Nigeria’s population. They funds the major political parties in Nigeria and decides the candidate that will run for political offices. They have a well orchestrated plan to loot the treasury.

In order to successfully implement their profane act, they adopt the instruments of poverty and illiteracy to subjugate the people. They grounded the citadel of learning in the country and sent their wards to developed countries or private institution in Nigeria to acquired education. They made the health and education sectors beleaguered. Infact,the president and Governor’s children studies outside the country, while the president often visits United Kingdom for medical treatment. These political elites glorified prejudice through stomach infrastructure, they deliberately impoverish the people so that the people can serve them forever. They took the hope of people away and left them with various forms of crime,while the growing rate of suicide in the country is melancholy.

Part of their conspiracy is to monopolize the oil sector in Nigeria. He who control the oil sector,controls the economy. The Nigeria oil sector accounts for more than 80% of the total revenue generated in the country. The sector which is controlled by these powerful men is fast becoming a curse rather than a blessing to the citizenry. Since the discovery of the commodity in commercial quantity in the 1950’s,it has become the mainstream of our economy. Unfortunately, the country has just four refineries to refine the crude. The first refinery in Port Harcourt was built in 1955, by 1989,the country had increased her refineries to four but,since 1990 till the present moment; no additional refinery has been constructed and these old ones have become a conundrum.

The existing infrastructures was encumbered by a growing population which brought about an increase in demand for basic amenities and luxury goods. Consequently upon these, the supply of petroleum fall short of demand resultantly of which importation is inevitable. Nigeria began to import a commodity which she has a comparative advantage over. These powerful elite undoubtedly enjoy this. Instead of building their refineries in Nigeria,they chose neighboring countries. So,the exploration is done in Nigeria then exported to different countries to be refined and then return back to the country,now at a higher price. Whether the price is high at international market or low,they make abnormal profit. A rise in the price of oil in international market is usually a headache(instead of it being a thing of joy) for the people based on the fact that the owners of the refineries get the product at higher price and must also sell at higher price to cover their profit margin and consequently, the consumers (Nigerians) bears the brunt. The Nigeria government is cool with this arrangement, because the refineries outside the country are owned by our omnipresent elite,these guys import it back to Nigerians and collects billions of naira for subsidy.
Over 500000 barrel of crude oil are stolen everyday. A barrel is equal to 169 litres. Don’t trust these elite, they have a hand in it.

Another conspiracy is to subdue the anti corruption war. Consequently,the anti corruption war is nosediving due to structural defect, operational malfunction and ethical issues in the judiciary and despite the admittance of these problems by the authority concerned, the status quo remains while the wailers shout on.All to the benefits of the Nigeria’s elites.

Nigerians will continue to serve these men until a ‘righteous anger’ occur in the minds of the people which will bring about a positive change in the country. While we anticipate that day, if it ever comes,the country will continue to run and run only to remain where it is.

Abolaji Adeniran is a political scientist writes from Abeokuta