United Nations Speech: Coalition Blasts Buhari

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The speech delivered by President Muhammadu Buhari at the on-going United Nations General Assembly in New York is the highest display of hypocrisy by a President whose commitment to democratic ideals are in doubt.

How can a President who is fiecely opposed to restructuring in Nigeria
go to the United Nations and be demanding for the restructuring of the
world body?

Below is a quote from Buhar’s hypocritical speech at the UN: “To
restructure or not to restructure is no longer the question – the United Nations must be restructured for it to remain relevant in years to come. How to restructure the United Nations should be our priority number one.”

Also, the same President Buhari who has declared the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist organisation through his state controlled army and his rubber stamped Southeast governors for demanding for a referendum is still the hypocritical character demanding for a
Palestinian State at the UN General Assembly.

Here is what the President said at the UN: “Last year, I talked about the need for Palestinians to have their own state. Progress has not been made on that matter in the past one year. It is one of those problems that we must not punt to another generation. Any glaring
unfairness like the Palestinian case diminishes our moral authority to preach and lecture the world on other cases.”

We must say that President Buhari lacks the moral authority to speak at the United Nations because of the massive killing of the people in his country who only demanded for referendum.

President Buhari has no right whatsoever to demand for the restructuring of the United Nations because he and his cabal in Nigeria are opposed to the idea of restructuring Nigeria which Alhaji
Atiku Abubakar, our Presidential candidate for 2019 is leading the

Our parent organisation in the United States which is Democracy Coalition Project have resolved to institute a case of genocide against President Buhari at the International Criminal Court for the massive killing of Igbos by President Buhari’s army and police.

Therefore, we call on the international community to withdraw their support for President Buhari for his atrocities against his fellow citizens.


Mr. Michael Williams,
International Coordinator,
Democracy Coalition.

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