United States Senator, Ted Cruz crossed the line with!

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Character reformation is a wonderful thing that does not start and end with Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria. It is the rarest of virtue that every country irrespective of size or population, developed or developing should inculcate into the very fabric that strings the ropes that hold a nation very high if morality is to be upheld.

If at every turn, leaders that are elected to represent the interest of an entire nation are now into the business of releasing unguided utterances that ends up hitting up the polity and threatens the international relations between two countries, then I wonder whose character should be under scrutiny. The image of Nigerians cannot be denigrated in the media just because Republicans cannot settle their differences with the democrats, or because President Barrack Obama is black and Republicans are having problem with his healthcare  reforms (Obamacare) which in no any concern of Nigeria.

I certainly have a lot to say to Mr. Cruz right now, but I will reserve it for when I meet the man. It is utterly ridiculous how people sit in the comfort of their homes, never for once anticipate ever exploring the beauties the world have to offer to form a myopic opinion about an entire population, judging them based on hear-say or what is written on the pages of newspaper. Someone as distinguished as United State Senator, Ted Cruz should know better.

The 42 years old Republican, Ted Cruz while addressing a crowd gathered at a Houston rally on Monday, have this to say about a decent country: “have you all noticed, you know the Nigerian email scammers?” “They have been a lot less active lately, because they have all been hired to run the Obamacare website.” I cannot say for sure why he said that nor will I try to read into a dubious mind such as Senator Ted Cruz, but if he meant it as an analogy, he definitely chose the wrong nation to play around with. There are a thousand and one good things going on within and outside Nigeria and Nigerians are responsible for every one of them, but characters such as the Republican Senator Ted Cruz will always dig up the dirty ones.

Even if a Nigerian saves Senator Cruz’s wife from cancer or contribute in the amazing designs of  software that aid his kids education both in school and at home, a racial comment will always precedence in their statements.

If republicans are interested in dragging America down because Obama is there as the president and they are in constant disagreement with the colour of the man’s skin, then Nigeria must be left out of it. Obama isn’t a Nigerian nor does he have a connection with Nigeria. Nigeria has paid her dues in enforcing and maintaining peace around the world and has contributed immensely in the development of America and other foreign nations. For example, the famous Nigerian scientist from Igbo land, Prof. Philip Emeagwali amongst too many others.

Nigeria did not come about the phrase “Nigeria, Good people, Great nation.” by accident. It is a well thought out phrase for a life history of good deeds.

Cruz’s spokesperson told KTRK the senator was just making a joke based on a common email scam and meant no offense. Maybe he should conduct a poll to see how many Nigerians will be laughing about something like that? How about making a joke about someone’s mother and see if he laughs about that too? A trained lawyer like Senator Ted Cruz should know what it means to be diplomatic when granting interviews or speaking in public, I guess Princeton and Harvard University will be so proud him.