We cannot let this continent be taken over by mad men.

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Stating that the rest of the world hates Africa will be an understatement, time and time again they have strike in all corners of the coast, using all manner of detrimental parameters in their arsenals, destabilizing governments and economies of countries only to push forth in making them better again but this time, only for their own good. In every African country today, there are secret foreign military machines that the so-called world power leading countries use in exporting its ugliness across Africa. Individual and group consultants who gather information on the vulnerability of certain African nations, information that are sent back to their own government with a proposition on how to effectively utilize them to their benefits.

One thing out of too many is certain, that the independence of many African nations never went down well with countries that colonized them, day in day out they hold meetings on the best ways to filter into the system yet again. Some of these mischievous world leaders target countries and accuse them of dealing on WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), give them ultimatums, invade them and steal whatever it is the spies they put in place has told them. Others use indigenous faction group in their target countries to destabilize governments only to replace them with a more willing and cooperating opposition leader who will do their bids. To what end I ask and for how long?

Many of this countries involved in such a dangerous game play also insult Africans by referring Africa as a country instead of a continent that it is. Africans has paid so many prices to their freedom and I think they deserve to be allowed their God given freedom. Let me paint you a picture, America and other countries like them often wonder why they receive threats every now and then, some of their uninformed and ignorant citizens believing that the frequent attack on their soil is as a result of their brilliance, power control or whatever the case might be. The truth however is, you can’t keep interfering on other peoples matter unauthorized and hopes to get away with it all the time. These people, the Americans, British, Russians etc, have no understanding for the causes of the people they strike down, or the nations they conquer. They make policies upon policies, policies of imperialism etc. They choose to meddle in other nations affairs without respect to their rule of law, independence or sovereignty. The people follow their governments unquestioning toward their own slaughter, which has been the anger of most warring groups that over the years has been staging one attack or the other on America or other nations involved. For them, they feel that the countries responsible for their pains and agonies should have a taste of their own cake, do you blame them? Today we hear things like “world order, liberty take backs, Africa polarizations etc”, conspiracies these people have set forward to send many nations back to the Stone Age. Few years ago, a secret group in America that call themselves “The Patriot of the World” set out on what they referred to as “the quest of sovereignty”, a canonical system where they meet with people of like minds from other “world power” nations, their goal, to destabilize all government around the world, starting with the Middle East with a post-destablization plan of installing a loyal leader who will be willing to take orders from them, by so doing, they have the world’s control in their hands and decide who gets what, when and how! Take a close look at the world today, what is happening are they succeeding or not?

Taking Africa back is not going to be easy; all African countries have to be involved in the change process. It’s not a string that should be pulled or be left to be pulled by one nation; it should and has to be a unanimous effort and I think one process to look on when beginning this move is to refuse to be used anymore. Find an alternative ways to boost our economies, tighten our security, our borders, read in between lines, all bilateral agreements etc. This is a crisis and I know that someday, depending on our resolves and commitment, this crisis will end, and the people in various African nations will be stronger knowing that their presidents, their leaders stood by them shoulder to shoulder.



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  1. Quite interesting and analytically written, but have you really wondered why slave trade succeeded with the blacks as victims? FEAR, FEAR and FEAR! To our forefathers that were slaves in the west, they preferred to have their lips punctured with hot metals and pad locked so they don’t eat any of the slave masters’ farm produce (especially in sugar cane farms) than to die, I read and was told of some blacks captured to be taken to slavery about how they committed suicide than to be taken to foreign lands as slaves. If the slave master knows that these people (blacks) refer to die than to be taken as slave they will know that Africans has pride and philosophy, but what did they get? People who gets scared because you killed one of them and they follow you, allow you to do whatever you like to and with them because they don’t want to die. A Japanese will never allow you come to his land and do such to him and if you do, it will be for few months and you miss all of them in one day, they gets no scared because you killed one of them neither can you give them incentives to betray one another! They say AISHA SEISHIN meaning we put loyalty above money (incentives). Permit me to say we Africans put ourselves in the hands of these people, we are not even a threat to them so our case is settled they only have the Arabs and the Koreans to worry about because they have philosophies to follow no matter how wrong someone or people perceives them. my view any way!

    Chris Adukwu
    May 1, 2013 at 6:50 am

    • I couldn’t agree more with your views. Africans has kept showing their inferiority complex where they are whence, the way for which they are treated. I hope we will change the status quo for both benefits and that of our children.

      Jeff Okoroafor

      Jeff Okoroafor
      May 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm

  2. Chris Adukwu and Jeff Okoroafor, your reasoning are based on that same type of thinking you are criticising and that thinking is not “African”. First of all get your facts right! The Japanese capitulated to Western power during the Meiji Restoration – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meiji_Restoration.

    Since the second world war, Japan has been more or less a colony of the United States thats why there are American soldiers in Okinawa – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Forces_Japan

    So much for “A Japanese will never allow you come to his land and do such to him and if you do”. The idea that Africans are more cowardly than other people is just not true….read your history books. If we were commiting suicide, we would have been wiped out like Native Americans in the North America and you, yes you won’t exist today. That name Adukwu and Okorofor will only appear as names for American cars or Attack Helicopter….perhaps a Ford igbo and Chrysla Adukwu.

    Folks Read your history and stop talking reckless

    Fela Pikin
    April 1, 2014 at 3:10 am