What Has Bukola Saraki Done Wrong?

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Senate President, Bukola Saraki

Senate President, Bukola Saraki


His only offense was saying NO to a tyrant and refusing to obey the party rule of shortchanging Nigeria.

The entire social media space is awashed with negative statements and comments ever since Bukola Saraki emerged President of the Senate. There’s no unprintable name that the man hasn’t been referred to, just because he stood up to those who think themselves the Alpha and Omega of Nigerian politics. Is it now wrong in this 21st century, for someone to stand on the side of justice, fairness and the rule of law? No one, amongst those calling him silly names, have been able to pinpoint exactly what the man did wrong. The thing he did wrong that now made him appear in the bad books of powerful Lagos press, is to say NO to godfatherism, to say NO to control of the majority by one man, to say NO to dictatorship…when did all of these become a sin that will amount to “bring him and kill him” approach?

During and after the general elections, I honestly thought that Nigerians have learned and will now move on as citizens of other nations do, but from what am seeing, it is very clear that nothing was learned during those period, it was all sentimental and sycophancy. Many Nigerians are saying that Bukola Saraki is too ambitious, that he should have allowed the party rule to prevail, what if the party rule is not for the interest of the country as we’ve seen, should it still be allowed to prevail just for people to not brand you ambitious? The excuse makes no sense to me and its a pity that Nigerians are not saying it as they are seeing it.

No one wants to open up and call a spade a spade. Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the real problem in APC and Nigeria in general. How can a single man control 5 States in the Western region, now wants to control an entire country, and Nigerians are saying, allowing him, he knows what he’s doing, please what exactly is he doing? Ever since he was denied some juicy positions in this administration, ever since his choice candidate for the Senate President position was rejected, he has become a frustrated man and now looking to take everyone and anyone down. As far I am concern, Bukola Saraki has done no wrong and should be allowed to face his job in order to execute it well. Bola Ahmed Tinubu should return to Lagos State and face whatever it was he’s doing there. Nigerians, those few who are still sane, wants the nation to move forward and they need no element to truncate the democratic discipline the country has attained.

Bukola Saraki more than any other person who contested for that position, spoke to the issues of the people even before contesting and he’s preparing himself to achieve that. The greatest deservice anyone do to Nigeria right now, is to open the doors of confusion in the National Assembly. Nigerians must come together as they did during the general election, and tell those engineering problems, to give way and allow those with a job to do their job.

When the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu etc., take their hands off the affairs of APC and its leadership, then things will get better for the party and the people of this country.