What i see, that many don’t see, in President Goodluck Jonathan.

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Before now, before Jonathan became the President of Nigeria, most Nigerians saw him to be that one person that would turn the car around and begin the journey that would lead to the promised land. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the voice of the masses moved the castle and was heard from the mountain top, resulting to him becoming the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They saw hope, future, and probably, they saw the Obama story. For the first time, ordinary Nigerian mattered.

The repeated disappointment and lackadaisical attitude of Jonathan to pressing national matters is life threatening. We all have the undisturbed right to be mad at him, call him names, animate his wife’s face in pornographic sites or perhaps hex his generation, but to what end? Does that solve the challenges?

Quite true, he made ground breaking promises. Promises of fresh air, employment for the unemployed and making the society more penetrable for the self-employed. The promise of a transformed (transformational agenda) Nigeria by stabilizing the economy, provide adequate power supply, eliminating corruption and corrupt practices etc. Has he achieved all of that? No, is he still bent on achieving them? Yes. You see, the truth is, we all have spent more time and energy thinking of the negative things to say to him and his administration, thinking of how to stop him from contesting let alone returning in 2015 instead of thinking of how to redefine the status quo.

In reality, and i know you will agree with me. No leader in Nigeria as well as the European world including America, will perform all that he planned in the midst of trials and controversies. Every patches President Jonathan makes is opened back up, every nail he drills into the wood is drawn right back up. There are negative human forces that are bent on frustrating him and his administration, those are your enemies. They are the ones we should be fighting because they are preventing us from getting to our planned destination.

I know and am sure, that if these insurgencies had not arrived after Jonathan became in charge, the story would have been different. So, the next time we want to strike a blow, let our aim be directioned to the success stoppers.

It is time we say enough of recircling power amongst very few selfish Nigerian leaders -we all should be both individually/collectively determined to end the existing recircling of power amongst very few selfish leaders in this country.